Sep 4

Amother LM race is happening soon. Plus a another one off race. Will be posted on here and the discord soon.

May 24

Don’t know anything about British law but demanding they not allow mods seems sort of like demanding that a paper company prevent its paper from having copyrighted works printed on it....

Mar 27

I disagree. The rendering looks like a mustang rear end hastily photoshopped onto a c8 with the windscreen pushed back. The C7 looks much better than that render.  That said, I adore the C8 body. 

Feb 19

I understand the gravity behind the situation, I think. But isn’t fielding an exclusively female team the definition of a gimmick? Read more

Jan 29

Thank you for reassuring me that there are other intelligent sane people on the internet that also think the outrage should be at appropriate sources.

Jan 29

This feels like the most manufactured of manufactured controversies. I Googled “savage” as requested, and got the following as the first result.

None of the definitions feel inherently racist, and the initial adjectival definition feels like it serves the game perfectly. Sure, the developers *could* have chosen a

Jan 29

Man, I certainly appreciate that there are other perspectives out there than my own, but as someone who likes to think they’re incredibly sympathetic (empathetic when I can be), shit like this drives me absolutely nuts. Read more

Nov 10

Yeah, those powerpuff people... 

Nov 10

These are all really hit or miss, tbh.

Nov 4

Wonderful clickbait headline! 8/10 pts

Nov 1

it wasn’t a “tough hearthstone esports moment”, it was a political nightmare. Based on the quote in the article here (don’t know if there was more to the apology left unquoted), it doesn’t even sound like he’s addressing what it was actually about.

Sep 18 2019

This Jeep sounds like literally every single modern American car with a V8.


Sep 17 2019

Why should I spend all that package money on the 4cyl instead of getting an 8?

Sep 8 2019

I liked a new soda and wrote a positive review. This ain’t an ad dude. I found it at a store, figured it would make a fun snacktaku post. Read more

Aug 16 2019

Actually, Bungie split from Microsoft in 2007. Part of the deal was that they’d make two more Halo games (ODST and Reach) during the first few years of their independence.

Aug 13 2019

That’s a Camaro front end.

May 13 2019

The letters are so nicely centered and level. He’s obviously very anal about it.