Catpiss Neverclean
11/23/15 2:57PM

This has to be one of the most underrated comedies on television. It’s so good. I never realized how great an actress both Alex and Niecy were until I started watching.

11/23/15 2:51PM

Oh, my God... I was expecting it to be a completely different pony song so I could make a joke about the Ginuwine one. They beat me to it. That’s hilarious.

11/19/15 7:52PM

Word. She's just naturally charismatic and velvety (if that word can be used to dscribe a person), and she has those huge expressive eyes.

11/19/15 6:47PM

She was horrible in the first episdoes, only after she had that episode with Denis OHare did she start bringing it. Denis is known for helping his fellow actors, Stephen Moyer said it was like an acting class working with OHare.

11/19/15 5:50PM

Dang. Turns out Lady Gaga is actually a pretty good actress. I thought all she’d have to do was vamp and strut all season (which, I mean, she’s awesome at doing). Good work, show.

11/19/15 3:39PM

But if you read the articles, it clearly states that he did inform all partners.

11/19/15 1:50PM

This is a great step forward and pretty generous for the US. However, as a company founded in Sweden and based in the UK, American employees are still getting a lot less than their EMEA-based counterparts. This is the problem I have with a lot of multinational companies - why not extend the same benefits to everyone Read more

11/19/15 12:52PM

Good for Spotify, they got ahead of the curve (I like to believe we will get fair paid maternity leave in this country) and they get some great PR from it.

11/19/15 12:31PM

counterpoint: Ariana Grande is american and when singing she slurs her words worse than my uncle at thanksgiving

11/19/15 10:25AM

“McCarthy also wondered why actors engaged in kissing scenes weren’t required to disclose their HIV status.” Read more

11/19/15 10:24AM

Jezebel Commenter On Jenny McCarthy Having A Radio Show: ‘Ick!’