May 18

This new format of not scrolling but instead clicking next is stupid.  I click next but then still have to scroll to see two paragraphs.  What’s wrong with scroll format??

Mar 26

I dunno, Easter is already pretty metal. The government tortures and executes a hero of the common people, who just comes back to life and says “who’s your God now"

Jan 17 2020

I like this idea! I think pTerry might have been going for that, among many other real-life metaphors that a fantastical satire can allude to. In Unseen Academicals the dwarf characters seemed to hint that human assumptions about the dwarf women’s bodies might be wrong sometimes. And I think you can argue that Cheery Read more

Sep 3 2019

Yeah, this headline is really misleading. The problem wasn’t eating only processed foods, it was not eating a nutritionally sufficient variety of foods. It is certainly possible to eat only processed (or even highly processed) foods and not go blind and deaf from it.

Aug 10 2018

It can't rain all the time, but if it bleeds we can kill it. 

Aug 10 2018

Side note. The Crow vs Predator would probably be emo as fuck.

May 27 2018

Looks like a G unison (sorta, really just a bunch of noise within that octave that amounts to something that would sound a bit like a D depending on what the 30 random tones are) which resolves to what looks like a D major chord but it’s probably easier to think about it as stacked octaves of D and A with an F# on Read more

Feb 2 2018

I agree. It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer — the fanbase was sparked by the TV show, not the original theatrical movie.

Feb 2 2018

Is it possible that the trailer is cut in a way to show the chevrons moving and locking, but the actual Stargate activation is from an incoming wormhole? That would give Katherine the motivation to figure out how the thing works (after seeing it actually work), yet still unable to piece together the final symbol Read more

Feb 2 2018

Continuity is overrated. If they tell a good story, who cares if the details fit together with the earlier series?