Nov 29 2018

I do love my vita. I think there’s room in the market for a handheld that has almost no Triple-A games. The Vita is an Indie/Retro machine. You have a gigantic catalog of some of the best PS1 and PSP games to play through, not to mention some standouts from PS2 and even PS3. Final 1-10:2, FF Tactics, FF Dissidia, Read more

Nov 6 2018

This might be a stretch, but bare with me. What if a lack of interest from a particular demographic, might be because said game isn’t appealing to said demographic? Perhaps as far as culture and fandoms go, certain character archetypes/designs appeal to a specific type of gamer audience. What if that gamer audience Read more

Oct 13 2018

I got tired of people messaging trash at me either when me and my team beat them or lost to them, so I set mine to friends only and never looked back.

Sep 26 2018

Where can I watch DBZ Kai streaming? I check everything every month, but nothing streams it. I get off at 10:30 on Saturdays unfortunately. 

Sep 24 2018

Bitch.... Michelle O accomplished more in her life BEFORE she became first lady than you and your whole tornado bait trailer trash family have ever even read about. Double Ivy League Graduate. Lawyer. Hospital Administrator. Mother. Go getter. Accomplisher of many things, not the least of which is to be married to a Read more

Sep 20 2018

Sadness. Vita was by far the greatest piece of portable gaming hardware ever made. Hell, in many ways it’s still technologically superior to the Switch and had so much damn potential. Oh well.

Aug 22 2018

Ah the entitlement of white people on display folks.
One person uses examples, concepts and ideas to flesh out and explain her beliefs.
The other uses a term coined by a group of people they clearly despise, to encourage the first person to commit violent suicide in an effort to silence her.
Read more

Aug 22 2018

Les Miserables would have been a lot shorter if Jean Valjean would have just explained that he didn’t know the bread was a sentimental item.

Aug 22 2018

Like what?
Like white people have power? Like white people killing black people receive smaller penalties and punishments than any other racial combination of perp and victim?
Like white people vote for authoritarian politicians who enable and even encourage racists to harm and kill black folks (as well as every other Read more

Aug 22 2018

The memory of being 12 and having grown men hit on you is indelible...some life lessons are too hard earned. I learned how to be an angry bitch real quick. 

Aug 2 2018

Ahh, I see that Becky With the Busted Lip was unaware of the “Talk Shit, Get Hit” clause in subsection A, Paragraph 3 of The Wypipo’s Guide to Not Getting Your Ass Whooped, in which it clearly explained that “talking shit” does indeed include the snatching of things, which includes both edges and protest signs.

Jul 20 2018

Maybe if we stop buying them, we'll get the games on switch where they belong. 

Maybe if we stop buying them, we'll get the games on switch where they belong. 

Jun 7 2018

Alia Shawkat is just great on Search Party. On paper her self-involved milennial character should be awful and insufferable, and she is, but Shawkat just makes her so soulful and relateable. Well, except when she isn’t. A really rich, real performance despite the cartoonish aspects of the show.

Jun 6 2018

Lol. Don’t mess with nintendo fanboys. They’re immune to sarcasm or jokes.

Jun 5 2018

The only people mad about this are the people who didn’t actually play the game and are taking the author’s assertion at face value.

Jun 5 2018

Wow, as a woman playing this game I didn’t see or feel anything the author did when playing the game. You can’t expect a bot built for house cleaning to do or be anymore than that. It’s not like she goes around cleaning every building her and Alice sleeps in. The ‘controversy’ surrounding this game is a joke. The game Read more

May 22 2018

Not all Texans are ass deep in Mexican culture. It’s actually very ‘American’ down here.