Dec 23

This is a great example of how a decade of hype/sales marketing can make even a mediocre game one of the biggest launches of one of the last few years. They managed to leverage all their Witcher 3 goodwill behind a marketing plan that would otherwise be dismissed as too good to be true and effectively created The Read more

Dec 14

Don't you dare shit talk ME3 multiplayer. They supported that game mode for years and became amazing down the line. 

Dec 14

Oh man, I must have blocked out DA:I running like warm shit on my OG console, but suddenly I’m remembering that being the last straw between me and Bioware.

CDPR has, effectively, struck out. They’ll stay in the game, and I hope they No Man’s Sky the shit out of their game, because the writers deserve the airtime.

I Read more

Nov 4

Many of us, especially in countries that are allied to America, genuinely care about the plight of “normal” Americans. But it’s also true that like it or not, the US is a big deal You’ve still got the worlds largest economy, and you’re still got the worlds most powerful military. If the US goes to shit, it wouldn’t be Read more

Oct 30

I find that whether or not one believes in ghosts and other nonsense is very predictive of whether or not they will see one. For instance, my family has a house out in the country that has been in the family since the 1870's. My wife, young children and I stay in the house with no problems at all. My sisters, who all Read more

Oct 27

Hillary Clinton still won the popular vote so how was this the reason? Anything to avoid blaming a racist country voting for a racist.

Oct 23

A Trump-supporting teenage kid with a rifle crossed state lines and murdered innocents who were protesting extrajudicial killing of black Americans. Read more

Oct 23

The hacker posted political messages. THEY made it political, bud. How would you have them write about it?

Oct 23

The same people that argue being tolerant means you have to tolerate their intolerance. Classy bunch.

Oct 23

“If you care about a game and are willing to go and spam dislike some random dude on the internet because you cant play it for 3 minutes, it’s stupid.” Read more

Oct 23

Ah yes, conservatives. The folks who champion personal responsibility until that responsibility is “don’t be a prick.” Then it’s everyone else’s fault for being annoyed or upset at their behavior.

Sep 29

Barring further evidence of ridiculousness, I don’t know if I’d call 6 day work weeks the last month to month and a half with OT pay as being inhumane, or some serious transgression. Its not great, not fun, but nothing that hasn’t been experienced by anyone working in an industry with certain periods of burst Read more

Sep 29

The ghost of Jason Schreier continues to be the reason I keep coming back to Kotaku. Like hell I’m giving Mike Bloomberg a dime.

Sep 29

Debates on crunch aren’t so black and white, especially within the industry. Being more humane about crunch, and paying the overtime is pretty important; myself and my peers haven’t experienced the extreme toxic crunch that often gets reported on, nor none of us lost the drive to make games. I hear all the time that Read more

Sep 18

I vote this as the most sensibly titled article on Jezebel in the last 4ish years.

Sep 18

I won’t live in a country where abortion is illegal. I’m Salvadoran, and I’ve seen what happens when all abortion is illegal. Girls as young as you can imagine, raped, incest made to give birth. Women who miscarried thrown in jail on suspicion of inducing abortion. Of course the law is for the poor, the rich elite do Read more