As we approach but never reach the event horizon of an AMG GT Black Series, infinite inferior variations will manifest.

AMG GT, AMG GT-S, AMG GT-C (roadster), AMG GT-C hardtop (a coupe version of the roadster C...), AMG GT-R, AMG GT53 4-Door Coupe, AMG GT63 4-Door Coupe, AMG GT63S 4-Door Coupe, and now the AMG GT-R Pro. Any guesses on how they’ll muddle the model line more before just giving everyone what they want...a Black Series?

Random Take:  Mercedes' move to act like their "Autopilot" system doesn't exist is the right one.

Here’s something you may or may not know. Mercedes E- and S-Classes have something called “Drive Pilot” that comes with their driver assistance packages and it currently has feature parity with Tesla’s Autopilot. When the 213 E-Class launched in 2016, Mercedes made an ad implying it was self driving. They got in some…

Out of the blue my wife texts me that she loves the E38 7-Series and would love one in manual.

Probably the most random thing she’s ever sent me. She’s not even that big into cars and only learned to drive stick two years ago on the Fiesta ST. Come to find out she randomly learned there was a bigger BMW that looks similar to our E39 M5 when the girl I took to prom in high school posted a picture of me picking…