Oct 6

I say this as a diehard manual owner (up until about six months ago, we hadn’t had an automatic in years, and it was actually a Mercedes): While the death of any three-pedal manual is sad, I can’t help but think, “Whatever.” Read more

Sep 1

It is a bad thing. It’s reliable and the aftermarket and enthusiasts are plenty. Why pay $30k if you can pay $15-25k for a used and already modded example. A G37S is a much nicer car inside and is just as cheap, and the Q60 has terrible depreciation and makes easy power for cheap, so literally no reason to get a new Z, Read more

Aug 11

Yup. And sure, the sales’ staff will still maintain F150 sales, and I’m sure there’s about to be a blitz of Bronco sales for a little while, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the sales’ staff are definitely feeling the lack of options.

Aug 10

Rear drivers side, and our is FWD so there were no axles involved. It was insanely simple to fix. I had to pull off the whole knuckle to be able to hammer out the hub assembly, but it was maybe an hour job tops. 

Aug 10

Oh 100%.
I’ve never been more incensed at a dealership/tech team than the last time I picked it up from there.
I had literally told them the TSB number and provided a massive amount of documentation as well as a gas tank that was waiting for gas so they could duplicate the issue on their own.
I picked it up with no Read more

Aug 9

When you’d fill the tank, and I mean FILL it the tank wouldn’t fill all the way. Then when you’d drive within the first 20 or so miles the tank would deep six its way down to between 5/8 and 3/4.
I took it to my original dealer they claimed no issue. I documented Mileage, gauge photos, amount of gas put in to show the Read more

Aug 6

Indeed. I remember panicking about the decision back when I worked for Ford, because it will assuredly lose sales up front, then lose even more long term. I’d hate to still be in sales over there now.

Aug 5

I can see following trends but keeping a toe in a still large segment isn’t a bad idea, especially if you are a large and diverse company, you can have a lower margin or loss leader offering to keep a base covered.

Jul 31

“The market for a sport compact with a good self-shifting transmission is there; the GTI proved that with the DSG. At this point, Honda is just leaving money on the table.” Read more

Jun 25

Nope, already over 20.7%(29 votes) NP so not today. Outside of a lottery winner in a trailer park* this is CP all day and all night. Read more

Jun 20

Your reading comprehension skills are at the same level as your trolling (and knowledge of cars) - zero.

Jun 1

There’s talks of Mazda’s and Toyota’s ties deepening so theoretically Mazda’s new line of inline-6 engines could make its way across Toyota’s and Lexus’s RWD lineup as well. That way Mazda could actually make a return on the investment in R&D that their spending in developing these powertrains.