OH! and Shelby Lynne! Can't forget Shelby Lynne!

You hit all of my favorites from that era. But don't forget Chely Wright! Jezebel, save your charms!

Hey, Thank You for your service!

Wow. That doc was pretty cool. Glad I watched it. Might have to grab a copy of SF4 now. Read more

Did anyone look right here and about shit themselves? I sure did. BRB.

so THAT's what she's been doing since 'Charmed'. Good for her!

yep. Carpeted stairs help too. My kids loved riding the "Stair Slide".

Not her. the blonde to her right. Damn Kinja.

Wow. those who can't do, bitch about it. Should've known better than to read the comments... Read more

Wait, so yesterday we find out that everyone is eating more chicken because beef and pork are so expensive. And today chicken is the source of drug-resistant e. coli..... Read more

I wish they'd let mono-induced hep people in like me. It always felt like I was doing something really good for someone, and then WHAM! Mono. Took me out of a semester in school, a raquetball tournament, and a lifetime of doing something good....