The Moss/Jenkinson 300SLR is a good bet. I was a the Monterey Historics in 2005 and got to see Moss take the old girl out for a couple of laps (with Leno in the navigator's seat). Pretty cool experience.

Let me know when you have a production ready unit. I'll just be here growing my mullet and 'stache until then... Read more

Way back in the day, a dude in my dorm shaved only half his face for most of the year. He also wore the same pajamas all day, everyday for months and talked to himself constantly. Too many kilos of stuff from BC. Read more

Yes. 100% Yes. In my old B5 A4, I couldn't drive with my daughter and her seat installed behind me (and I'm not particularly tall). It's better in my e46 sedan, but I still can't adjust the seat to where I want it. Read more

@Buzzboy7: I know - weird. Usually you see downdraft IDA's on V-type engines. Read more

Almost perfect, but needs a Green steel Coleman cooler full of beer and ham sandwiches in the back and a 14ft aluminum fishing boat with a wheezy Evinrude hitched behind. Read more

If didn't look like a 350z humped an RSX, my interest-o-meter would be pegged. As is, the needle has barely moved. Read more

The W124 was the last truly great Benz - built to a standard, not to a price. Yes, a brand new e550 costs the same and has "more power, better brakes, better handling, modern safety equipment, a seven-speed transmission and a real warranty"...but it'll never have the same jalopnik quotient of this car. Read more

Anyone know where a person could find a higher resolution version of this? Read more

@1300ccsoffury: I seem to have the only Alfa in captivity that doesn't leak anything. The mess is from a friend's car (really). Read more

I wonder if all the trouser chili was drained out of the bilge before they loaded it onto the trailer. Read more

This may be the ultimate vehicle for navigating Toronto's urban pig sty. With a city council populated entirely with raving pinkos, you could park it anywhere and never get a ticket. Hell - you could probably flag down a Metro cop and get a full-on siren blaring/lights flashing escort. Read more