Apr 5 2016

I think I’m more offended by the fact that it’s Hellman’s mayo and not Duke’s.

Mar 22 2016

When my daughter’s father dicked me over with the child support, I took an administrative job in a showroom and unbeknownst to me, one of my duties was to walk their mangy old dog. I hate dogs. Their dog was old and smelly. Ugly too. You best believe I walked that motherfucker and picked up his shit everyday. Fuck yo Read more

Mar 8 2016

If you aren't going to throw in a cow and four bolts of good cloth, sit back down.

Mar 2 2016

I am Black and voting for HRC...I been down for HRC, since I was a little girl...researched her her politically and morally a LOT better than her husband...I have not ONE ISSUE with what she said...nor how she said it...because I’m REALLY TIRED of the bullshit double standards that are being flung Read more

Mar 1 2016

I love that the GOP is freaking out over their own primary, because as a democrat I’m over here laughing with glee. I want Trump to be their nom! I want it more than anything I’ve wanted in a long time! This is the biggest and best shitshow I’ve watched in forever and I hope this never ends!

Feb 26 2016

Reconstructionist Judaism for the win. It’s like a good deli platter. We give you the meat, a couple slices of a good rye but making the, that’s your business.

Feb 10 2016

This aligns more closely with my worldview, thank you.

Feb 6 2016

Dude just stop. Only a whiny little boy can’t face the cold hard truth of our gender- we have a large, long, and statistically verified history of violence against women we’re attracted to. Women don’t. It’s us. Our problem. Sitting here thinking the stupid things you do is cowardly. A grown adult acknowledges the Read more

Nov 26 2015

Bad pun time. Dropping the bird creates an international crisis: the downfall of Turkey, the overthrow of Greece, and the destruction of China.

Nov 18 2015

To all the so-called friends of the Jews who are running for President, there is actually a parashah that is pretty gosh darned relevant. Read more

Jul 26 2015

I want to get in on this. My pet peeve is when he feigns stupidity/incompetence. Example. Read more

Jul 26 2015

Hell, according to this we’re doomed because I’m older, have more education, and am a (terrible) Christian whereas he’s agnostic. Read more