I thought the same thing at first. My parents have had so many cats over the years and not a single one of them ever enjoyed meeting and playing with strange cats. Cat park not like dog park. Many claws, many hiss.

He looks so much like my ex-boyfriend's little sister. So weird.

That is a much more sane and reasonable scenario! I would like him to live and learn how not to be a raging pissant buttface.

Yeah, this is why I probably shouldn't post while I'm still waking up. I really meant that shit! Now, not so much.

Maybe next time he'll do us a favor and wrap his car around a tree. Fuck Bieber, he's a human stain.

My Dad used to have a hat like that. We went to brunch at "the club" for Mother's Day and he wore that damn hat and a leather vest. So embarrassing. It didn't work for him and it doesn't work for her.

I only feel like a sociopath now when I look back on how I played the game back in the day when the Sims kids never aged. They would go from baby to kid and stay that way forever, WTF. So I would somehow get them to die in a fire or starve to death or swim themselves to death in the pool....and one time I went all Read more

oh my god, that is so fucked up!

Man, nothing creepy has happened to me unless you count the first time someone sent me a dick pic on AOL in 1994. Oh and some dude started sending me e-mails on AOL that same year, his name was Casey and he would send me pictures and tell me about his life and shit. I was 13, he was 30 something. My parents Read more

What is this football you all keep talking about? I've never heard of it before.

haha I'm in a downtown Denver high rise and people were doing the same thing after our win. I didn't mind the first five minutes, after that I was all "motherfuckers get off my lawn"

Dude, apparently you're just another troll with self-esteem issues. MEH

Sooo fat people are allowed to constantly talk about bodies that don't belong to them because they don't have the "privilege" of being thin. Is that what you're saying? And she should ditch her friends simply because they're fat? No. Just no. There's a solution, and it's for them to stop commenting on her physical Read more

Not when they're expressing frustration by constantly comparing their bodies to hers.

Not just you, I still don't get it.

Wow, apparently Jez is now run by a bunch of fucking trolls. Slow clap?

I tried subscribing to it as well, but my subscription was sold to me by a young man who claimed he used to smoke crack. I gave him $20 and never saw one magazine....I suppose it's for the best. That magazine is a piece of shit