1:02 PM

it’s easier to back into a spot, but you can really screw yourself when you’re trying to leave if you can’t use the far lane to pull out (due to traffic). 

12:48 PM

Thank you! Yes. Many years ago, I had a friend explain this to me, when I asked him why he always backed in. It just makes so much sense. Even more now that we live in the land of giant SUV’s roaming the earth. Why not have them be a bit shorter in length, and have the shortest (in height) part (the hood) of them Read more

8:11 PM

We finally get to see what the child of the gatekeeper and the keymaster looks like.

2:19 PM

You should see what happened to the Raptor out the door I was $37.5k a 17 or 18 would cost me $75-80k easily in 8 years that’s crazy.

11:43 AM

1) After searching through the service history folder of my car (bought in high school), I was surprised the original owner didn’t lemon law it. Pretty much every couple of months it was in the shop with something or other. I’ve gone through 2 AC compressors, 2 alternators, 2 power steering lines and 2/4 of the Read more

10:25 AM

My 5 speed automatic Mazda 3 keeps the revs at 3200 rpm at 80pmh and gets a mileage of 21mpg,, all the while droning into the cabin.. you are wrong all cars need 6 gears, automatic or manual..

1:28 AM

You’re right in regards to how the Navigator lost its status and cachet. But even that dowdy Navigator was the better SUV over the Escalade. More interior room. Fold flat seats. A useable third row. Better ride and handling. Even the lame refresh Navi is the better SUV over the current Caddie. This Navigator Read more

11:37 AM

Because everything is improved by a Stan Lee cameo:

5:05 PM

I wish you could do a cheat sheet for other car reviewers on what points to cover. Maybe it’s the fact that being a Canadian you have to drive in similar conditions to those of us in the Northern US but I feel like every time I read your reviews they are telling me things I actually need to know versus things someone Read more

9:18 AM

I have used hockey pucks for mounts when in a pinch and they will probably work a little better and maybe absorb more vibrations than wood.

Get some of these guys and bolts that match the size, drill hockey puck with one size smaller bit, then heat up steel spacer and press it into the hockey puck then just get bolts Read more