6:14 PM

I give you a lot of credit David. I love my Mustang and I love working on my Mustang at 9am. By 10:30 every time, I am reminded that she hates me. This off season, I will be going on day 5 of what I thought was a 2 day job. To be fair, there was some requirements creep but still... She hates me. Read more

6:59 PM

LAst generation chevy malibus (with the square trunks) look pretty good with the 5 spoke steelies chevy uses.

12:26 PM

Heres the flipside. I have an F350 crew cab. I find it easier to maneur into a spot in reverse than by pulling in as most lots dont have the space required for me to make the swing. 2nd and most crucial, i look for spots in the rear of the lot that have grass behind the. Point being, the overhang on the rear is more Read more

10:03 PM

I really doubt this will be in d street.  Isnt the camaro 6 1le, sitting in c street now? Expect it to be classed there.  

8:40 PM

The steering wheel is nicer on the G3. They win.  The steering wheel on the model 3 is literally the source of my hatred.  It looks like it came off a 15 year old Kia.  At least the steering wheel is better on the Model S

1:51 PM

So what you are saying is you didn't actually like the SUV until someone saw you in it, realized what it was, and complimented you on it.  By that metric, this is probably the most accurate review of the Range Rover we will probably ever read.  😂

8:19 AM

Is it really that surprising?  Look at it this way.  Ford has a relatively large European arm that will still produce sedans.  And since most cars are now designed to be global there is nothing that says they couldn't turn the plan around in 18 months to bring sedans back to North America.  From what I understand, GMs Read more

3:28 PM

Meh, it honestly doesn’t do much for me.  I think the ND Miata looks better, even if it is slower.

11:08 AM

Just bought a 2006 F-350. Body looked great. Looked under the truck and saw the frame had been “Rust Protected” Pulled the trigger. Next Morning, my father in law pointed out that all four bed supports were rusted out as was the bottom of the bed. The “Rust Protector” had only been sprayed on the outside of the frame Read more

7:21 PM

This needs to be put into LeMons. Penalty points for spending too much be damned.

3:51 PM

Believe me I know. My F-150 search started with used Raptors. I expected their values to fall when the Gen2 came out. They didn’t. The amount of truck asking for what is essentially sticker price with close to 100,000 miles is astounding. I’m seriously considering leasing a new F-150 ( and mayby waiting for a new Read more

11:21 AM

1) I regret not Lemon Lawing my Mustang. My transmission wasn’t right from day 1. My future father-in-law pointed it out to me. “NO NO NO, its just that way, there are lots of complaints about the MT-82" being the know it all forum warrior I thought I was. Four years later, I began dealing with Ford to fix the Read more

10:56 AM

Car prices have gotten out of control. A friend of mine leased a 2014 Ram 1500 new. When his lease was up and he went to get a 2017 Ram 1500 (base level), same truck, same features, the sticker price was 8000 dollars more.... in 3 years.
Read more

1:31 PM

Lincoln should make this a Black Label only feature. Let’s face it; suicide doors are not going to save any sedan in the current marketplace but you can make it a “stand out feature” for your new line of premium trims. Right now, black label cars are just a trim level and concierge service that Lincoln should’ve been Read more

3:12 PM

And “American” is a misnomer for a car assembled in Canada for a company run by Italians built on a German Platform (three Generation old E-Class I believe) Read more

7:14 PM

Fair points. That being said, with just about every version of an F-150 I option cresting past 50K, a Ranger might put me into the price point I need to actually pull the trigger. Read more

1:13 PM

I don’t know if this qualifies as desperate but... in a desperate attempt to appease my future wife, I may have shotgunned a beer and used the can to patch her rotted exhaust clamp until the new one arrived off back order. It worked surprisingly well (the picture is mid-fix).