I’d rather have a Maverick, do love that yellow/gold.

Nothing. Food should never, ever be eaten in a car. We have dining rooms for a reason. Read more

There was a shortage of roads in 1965. Everyone had to drive on grass or sand. 

Ford sold a million Mustangs in one year back in 1965.

This thing, obviously.

Make a new Continental electro-barge, you cowards. Read more

How could anyone resist an Oldsmobile in the 60s/70s? Read more


There was no vaccine for Dodge Fever back in ’68.

Does anyone go to the mechanic anymore and ask for a ring job?

Rambler Rebel means cops. Not someoverchromed glamourpuss” but a regular flatfoot beat cop.

I can live with jaded, just give me this ‘66 Ambassador DPL interior.

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Volkswagen: Da da da, ich lieb’ dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha


I’m seriously bummed out. I figure I had about another twelve months of saving and paying down debt and I’d have bought a 2021 - I’ve had my eye on the Black Label model with the blue interior. I thought it’d maybe stick around one more year as the last sedan in their entire lineup. I wanted it to be my first new Read more

I’d get the wagon though. 

Good! I’m glad your neighbors finally wised up and you have to clean up your act. Because in addition to your cars, it looks like you have a lot of detritus on top of them, next to them, in the yard, etc.  Only problem is, I see a lot of qualifiers like “eventually” and “in time” and “when I have the chance” in your Read more