Jul 1

I’m seriously bummed out. I figure I had about another twelve months of saving and paying down debt and I’d have bought a 2021 - I’ve had my eye on the Black Label model with the blue interior. I thought it’d maybe stick around one more year as the last sedan in their entire lineup. I wanted it to be my first new Read more

Jun 18

Good! I’m glad your neighbors finally wised up and you have to clean up your act. Because in addition to your cars, it looks like you have a lot of detritus on top of them, next to them, in the yard, etc.  Only problem is, I see a lot of qualifiers like “eventually” and “in time” and “when I have the chance” in your Read more

May 20

Just $5595 to drive up in style - plenty of change left over for ‘changas.

Apr 23

Oscar literally drives something called “The Sloppy Jalopy”. And he has two of them!

Jan 3

That red is wonderful, but all interiors were better back then. Just look at this handsome black! (I also appreciate the all blue in the current Lincoln Continental Black Label.)

Oct 30

People outside of Michigan really need to discover ABC (almond boneless chicken). 

Oct 4

our goal is that when you work you gain equity, and you build wealth for your children and your children’s children. Read more

Aug 23

After he takes care of business at the shore, he’ll drive upstate a bit...