Apr 14 2014

Because, if you've never worked in the food service industry, you may not realize that what you call "poor service" may not have been your server's fault.
Did your food come out too slowly? Maybe the kitchen screwed up your order and your server caught before it got to your table and took it back to the kitchen to get Read more

Apr 2 2014

i have never before in my life read a simple comment like yours and honest to god sat here laughing to myself just the sheer straight forward way you put fuck people in the ass is goddamned funny, also the fact that you said people instead of someone makes the thing so unsexual. so yeah great job at being Read more

Apr 2 2014

I'm canadian, so maybe i'm just dumb, but is cornhole when you fuck people in the ass?

Mar 9 2014

How come his pepperoni all came out neat and orderly? Mine are always off to one side and require organization :(.

Mar 6 2014

Yet you clicked and even posted. You're no better apparently.

Mar 5 2014

Fuck Pumpkin ale. Fuck IPAs. I'm so sick of beers that are crammed so full of hops that they taste like a soapy, yet dirty, sweatsock. Read more

Mar 4 2014

*thinks about it*

... holy shit, every RPG I've played really has had a sewer level. I never noticed this. o.O

Mar 1 2014

Yes, you're right: The best way to make sea scallops is to make some whole other foodstuff. Thanks for the helpful suggestion, ya weenie.

Mar 1 2014

If they have a tough consistency when you cook them at home, that means you are badly overcooking them. They need only as much cooking as will give them a nice seared look on the outside. Not any more than that. Read more