Boneyard Rendezvous
10:08 PM

I’ve printed a liberator. It was not terribly difficult, orientation is important. They have metal in them, so they will be picked up by metal detectors and xray machines. Its chambered in .380, which is a fairly small, low power round. Its a single shot, and you have to replace the barrel every time. Nobody is going Read more

10:24 PM

I still haven’t made it back from Beagle on DW2. Old school is killing me with these 34ly jumps.

9:42 AM

Oh, the users are pissed about it. The mods over there are awful. They can remove any post they want without recourse. Even if it breaks no rules but they disagree with it. Make a post complaining about imgur? Removed. Question the removal? Banned.

6:42 PM

I watched it once in theater because I was excited for Venom. I watched it once at home because my wife wanted to see it. I think Tom Hardy’s performance is the only reason I might watch it again. That guy is good.

9:28 PM

The only thing this is going to affect is the price of colt specific ARs. Colt charged too much for them anyway, but people bought them because they are a big name, not because their rifle is any better. Now people will just want more money for their overpriced colt ARs, and the rest of the AR market will chug along Read more

10:23 PM

I love marathon road trips. 16 hours straight? Sounds wonderful. I usually need a nap if the drive will be more than 20 hours, but anything less than that is great. Windows down, radio up, and the miles just melt down.

8:41 PM

Old girlfriend loved getting off in bathrooms. Mall bathrooms, gas station bathrooms, bar bathrooms. Wherever we went, she was scouting bathrooms. If it was a crowded bathroom she didn’t mind as long as we had a stall. She was not shy about what we were doing. It got to a point where I tell her I needed to piss and Read more

10:40 PM

Local bar has Albuquerque on the jokebox. If i have to go there I drop $5 and spam it on repeat. 

5:10 PM

I work with a lot of different chemicals and I have a lot of free time. When I talk to manufacturers, I’ll drop a question like “so what is this stuff used for anyway?” and I get some pretty neat answers sometimes.

10:03 PM

Oh yes. Its still used on dirt tracks. It also pulls moisture out of the air, so if you leave your windows down and it rains you can put like and inch of it in the bottom of an old gallon ice cream bucket and stash it in your back seat for a couple days. It goes all soupy, but you wont have to smell mildewy carpet. It Read more

10:32 PM

I buy my eggs from the same guy I buy my ammo. He puts the eggs in whatever I bring him. Local places are the best.

10:32 PM

The only autographs I own are from the cast of this show. I don’t have them all, but I’d like to.

8:25 PM

The easiest way to steal a car these days is with a rollback truck in the middle of a crowded parking lot with lights flashing and the car alarm going off. Nobody wants to look at a repo unless its yours.

11:37 AM

Yea, I’m not going to open this box of worms. I already know I look like my dads best friend. I know I look his best friends daughters. And about the time we “curious” they packed up the whole family and moved across the country.

1:29 PM

They are still common in my town. At least once a week you see a whole gaggle of kids walking around with what looks like serious hardware. Makes me wish I didnt let my old kit go.

6:53 AM

Its still theft. This doesn’t address the fact she needed help that she couldn’t get. I don’t think breaking the law is the right answer.

11:11 PM

This would have been great if it happened years and years ago. I’m too heavily invested in steam to deal with setting up and running another launcher. If they want the game to launch a storefront or something when it loads, like borderlands, I’m fine with that. Otherwise, I’m just going to have to wait until they come Read more