10:00 AM

I might consider that but it certainly wouldn’t be in the glove box or center console. A better place would be in one of the “survival” dry boxes stashed in the rear -- probably in the one containing the first aid kit and survival blanket and utility tool and other necessities.

3:50 PM

Yeah. I have a 2018 Touring 3.6R and the CVT is just fine — not a single complaint about its performance. In normal driving I wouldn’t be able to tell it from a “regular” automatic.

11:22 AM

Do people really have a problem with this? I’ve been traveling rather extensively since 1966 and have yet to unintentionally leave anything behind. The last time I left anything in a hotel room it was intentional (a pair really nasty disreputable hiking boots left in a room’s bin in Cork because they were too smelly Read more

6:21 PM

Probably not a direct comparison but my ‘18 OB 3.6R Touring has had a single problem but it was, in my estimation at least, a major one: that damned head-end bug cropped up in my unit and Subaru was caught flat-footed with no replacements in stock so I had to put up with it for ten days or so. They fixed it as soon as Read more

12:02 PM

Yeah. The rice thing has always seemed to be based on clearly non-scientific ideas. If you want to try to dry out your phone at least do it right: buy some largish dessicant packs (Amazon sells them and they are cheap) and keep them in a hermetically sealed container (a plastic food container will work but a nice Read more

11:50 AM

Running schmunning. I’m 72 years old and have bone spurs that make my ankle x-rays look like a hedgehog. What do you expect? I did manage to a brisk walk every morning in April and covered 55.45 miles and I’ll settle for that.

4:08 PM

Agree strongly. I was prepared for all manner of media-inspired transmission horrors when I bought my 2018 Ouback 3.6R and can say, after considerable use, that there is not a bloody thing wrong with Subaru’s implementation. It does what it needs to do and does it smoothly and quietly.

4:24 PM

There is no IQ test for being elected a legislator in Texas. Neither is there one for voting. It shows, doesn’t it?

5:12 PM

Since it seems to be impossible to obtain a Unimog in the US, that MTVR might make an interesting platform for an “expedition” motor home. Wonder how it would do on the highway, though.

11:27 AM

How liquid is liquid? If it means “must have it in cash by this afternoon” then I guess I’d be a fail. If it means “must have it in my checking account day after tomorrow” then I’d be a pass since most of my static money that is not in investments is in an online bank that takes a bit of work to get at. Given my low Read more

10:30 AM

Hmm... Clearly his problem was that he didn’t inject the semen into his back. Simple mistake common among newbies to the “do weird shit in case it might work school of medical practice.”

10:25 AM

A lie of absolutely Trumipan magnitude. It just shows that if you are going to lie, lie big, lie often, and depend on the stupidity of your partisans. I’m sure that the GM faithful were nodding their heads, chests swelling with pride, and saying to themselves “I knew that” every time that ad showed up on air.

11:13 AM

I’ve been leaning toward Ambrosia lately.

3:02 PM

I figured that the parents in the restaurants I’ve visited had a solution already: encourage their offspring to scream and run around and, at the right time, knocking over a table.

12:59 PM

The last time I traveled through LaGuardia I had a sudden revelation: I saw no rats despite the utter filth and squalor and realized that even rats have standards.

10:53 AM

The WOW (Weight On Wheels) switch is supposed to prevent this sort of thing. In theory it prevents the firing of any weapon while the plane is sitting on its landing gear. Unfortunately it sometimes is not checked for proper operation or is bypassed as a matter of convenience and. Well, you see what can happen...