May 13 2016

All this is doing is reminding me that Mazda used to be the College Kid of the automotive world, doing all sorts of crazy, random, and occasionally very smart things that manifested into their lineup of cars under two nameplates in Japan. Read more

Feb 29 2016

Now I’m starting to get it via a different capacity and although I already liked Chris Rock’s material before, I have a new appreciation for this level of humor. A joke we get, but then we feel confused and uncomfortable because a participant in the joke doesn’t get it. Following that, we admire the joke even more Read more

Jan 31 2016

For her part, Van den Driessche says the bike belonged to a friend, and mistakenly found its way into her race-day bike lineup.

Jan 19 2016

Well, that’s just, like, my opinion, man. You can tell because I prefaced it with “I think.”

Dec 3 2015

Gives a whole new meaning to “They fuck you up, your mum and dad...” (Philip Larkin poem)

Nov 25 2015

I have been karting since I was 10. Sprint (road course) and Dirt Ovals. There is a track probably with in a 2 hour radius no matter where you live. With the new Briggs and Stratton LO206 engine, you can get a full roller race ready with engine for less than $4500 from some kart shops for BRAND NEW EQUIPMENT!!! You Read more

Nov 17 2015

No, see, they’ve accounted for that with the Euro pedestrian crash standards! So they pretty much acknowledge you’ll hit a ped because you won’t see them, but they’ll be ok!

Jun 3 2015

My wife’s first car was a 1996 (second gen) Metro sedan. 76 horses of fury, with a 3-speed automatic. Yikes. On the bright side, if you kept it at 55 mph, it got like 50 mpg. Read more

Apr 30 2015

I both did and did not understand this article.

Apr 29 2015

I also live in /near Frankfurt. When and where are these events? I need...