Apr 11 2018

This is 100% a studio-driven trend. These slack rear angles are terrible for aerodynamic drag and packaging. Upright back glass is good for reducing drag. This is all design studio. Artists trading fuel economy and usable space for “style”.

Aug 4 2017

BE PATIENT. Is that so hard? Ease up on the coffee and wait for a safe place to pass.

Jul 3 2017

Crossovers are so much more uncool than minivans. People just haven’t realized this yet. I’m not joking....

Jun 28 2017

Cool story bro and all, but would it be stating the obvious to mention a bicycle? Dirt cheap to buy/ride and would get him through his 3-mile commute in like 10-15 minutes... 20 if he takes a relaxed pace. Shorter than the average commute in the U.S.

Jun 24 2017

And no punishment for the people involved in the GM ignition switch cover-up that I know of (that actually killed a bunch of people).

Jun 13 2017

Don’t succumb to the oppression of the SUV lovers. Don’t give in just because they are crappy consumer bullies.

May 19 2017

No one will ever touch the Peugeot 205 GTi, especially when you take its age and price (when new) into account. Best hot hatch ever.

May 13 2017

We need to pump the brakes on all these ‘ring times. When did it become the norm where we trust the manufacturer’s ‘ring time, even if they provide video? You don’t know for sure how the car was setup and if it’s truly the same as the car you’d buy in the showroom. I ALWAYS throw out ‘ring times claimed by the company Read more

Apr 10 2017

That’s true but it’s also a rather grim dilemma. Wear your seatbelt and you’ll be safer while not affecting anyone else. Buy a heavier car and (assuming safety tech remains the same) you’ll be safer at the expense of of everyone else. It’s a vicious circle. And an immoral one at that.

Apr 3 2017

If that were the case, they’d just buy wagons and hatchbacks. This is pure image, and the sheer horror of a single snowflake possibly hitting the ground. Also, that one road up to their cottage that’s still gravel.

Mar 31 2017

What kind of sociopath thinks trying to kill someone over a traffic infraction is equivalent to the traffic infraction?

Mar 17 2017

I’ve had one Alfa, and I have had it for slightly less than 25 years of its 50 year life. It is a 1967 Duetto Spider, which has a 1.6 liter wet pot motor, dual Weber carbs, five speed manual, 4 wheel disc brakes, double wishbone front suspension, semi independent rear suspension, monocoque body, weighs one ton and the Read more

Jan 1 2017

I have a a heap of the spare parts from the Subaru F1 race team for these motors, there are enough parts to build up 2 complete motors and also a number of bits to make part motors. For example a number of raw unmachined castings etc. I am a Subaru tragic so have a Subaru FJ1600 open wheeler from Japan as well. My

Nov 17 2016

Renault Avantime.
To facilitate access to the rear seats, two long doors featured a double parallel-opening hinge system (marketed as “double-kinematic”) that maximized access with minimal outswing of the doors.”