Having played the game the entire day today I can say for a fact that anyone giving this game less than a 6/10 is lying through their fucking teeth. Regardless of whether you like it or not, the pure mastery on display with regards to graphics, sound, animation and voice work affords it at least that much. Read more

Why would you pay attention to Metacritic user reviews? They havent been honest for a long time. Especially not since botting became a thing. The ironic thing about them calling out critic reviews for beingf paid for is that its more often user reviews that are bought and paid for. Even when its not a brigading

Imagine how sad one’s life must be to review-bomb some game on Metacritic, esp. over some perceived “SJW”-ness or something. Read more

This guy must have really hurt you.
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“Never really liked D2"? It’s only been out for a little more than a week! The raid dropped two days ago!
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Yeah, I’m a bit skeptical too. They’re incompetent enough to release 10,000 more units over the course of a month and call it a day. Read more

Honestly, its been really gross watching companies try to push the line a little bit each time. This is a real problem that needs to be dealt with before it kills the industry. Read more

Bullet-sponges as a way of giving a game length is getting really old. This game would be so much better if they toned that shit down. Read more

One year, but yeah. This is stuff they at least implied, if not outright stated, would be in the game at launch. What has become increasingly obvious over the past year is that NMS was not finished, and most of the defenses of the game as a “minimalist experience” or whatever are being shot full of holes by the game’s Read more

The game actually features sexual assault? Ok that is not cool at all. Read more

*Clicks on the video*
“..But don’t take my word for it.”
[hard cut to a bunch of teen/20-something Youtubers being loud and fucking annoying]

Yep! That’s all I needed to see. Bye! Read more

I winced when I read that. Is that seriously a thing people do? Because it sounds like a good way to get splinters in your mouth. Read more

I learned that lesson real quick. I mean, real quick. Read more

I was surprised that this was even an issue. People really do that? So weird.
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“I wouldn’t give American tea to a dog” Read more

Pretty sure you’re right. But since they introduced it to India, it’s like India is appropriating Britain’s appropriation of a Chinese thing. Read more

Well tea is from China, so the British brand is just appropriating about 1B people’s worth of culture. ;)
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Remember when some chinese people were outraged about Kung Fu Panda, saying it was pillaging the chinese culture and that money the movie made should go to china? Read more