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Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, when he announced that he was finally going to take the big leap, the US looked the other way while China shot him in the head. Read more

Without the NFL, me Austin Collie no boinky ouch sad - feel sad room spin Austin SIT! sad Read more

Interestingly enough, Mel needed to get a new pair of golfing socks because he got a hole in the fence around his yard, and the darn neighbor's dog stole one off the line while it was drying. Read more

I have to admit: the guy knows how to keep the strokes to a minimum. Read more

The Olympic athletes just can't be in uniform while they appear in any commercials for foreign products. That's all covered in the Uniform Commercial Code. Read more

"Ha! You call that ruining a mock draft?!" Read more

This is great. Well done, Timmy. Read more

With all your knowledge and know how, I'm surprised the defense hasn't tried to hire your stupid ass yet. Read more

For those of you that are fans of fires there's a fun one at Daytona now. Read more

Please. Every true Floridian knows the only way to truly dress up jorts is to get them in black. Read more

Sorry, but I can't get past you wearing jorts. But, I should have known. Read more

While we're all puckering freely.. Read more