Wow I guess noone's heard of federal copyright law, hope you have a good lawyer. Read more

Wow so much for the First Amendment I guess. Lucky for them that the Separation of Church and State doctrine doesn't apply here, it's a jew temple. Read more

Since he put it in writing he should have said he'd play for less than one year, now he's in trouble under the Statute of Fraud. Read more

Wow a lot of inappropriate hate here, guess I shouldn't be surprised that Barry's never heard of Full Faith & Credit. Read more

Wow talk about your misinformation here. The Second Amendment no longer applies only to the federal government (cf, Colombia vs. Heller). Read more

Barry I also used to think that the law was a bunch of incomprehensible hieroglyphics but it turns out that it's just old fashioned cursive, they wrote their S's like F's. Read more

I always thought Taiwan and Tyvon had the same first name, I speak a lot of latin in my profession. Read more

Wow big mistake by the police on this one, look for him to get off if he hires competent council. They need probable cause to stop a motorist and not only was he obeying the speed limit, it's not probable that he was driving like a snake, they have no hands. Read more

Sorry Tim, but this play is called the hook and ladder, maybe work on your research next time. Read more

Big mistake to give him an unusual punishment, that'll be overturned as an Eighth Amendment violation (which applies to the state colleges, cf, Robinson v California) Read more

That goddamn First Amendment is going to be the end of us. Read more

These smalltown judges don't even know what they're doing, I guess no one's heard of a writ of habeus corpus. Read more

Wow this is unbelievably unfair, I can count at least 12 of the Bill of Right amendments that are potentially being violated here. Read more

Hate to burst YOUR bubble but its "thesauri". Read more

I know the t and r are close to each other on the keyboard Barry but his name was Roger, Ebert. Not having your best day, sorry. Read more

Sorry Barry but only Congress has the right to make money, I guess you forgot about Article 1 section 8. Poor choice of words on your part. Read more

I guess they've never heard of the First Amendment. Unbelievable. Read more