I was having a convo with a special forces dude last year. Found out that he had just come from Okinawa and was asking him about his thoughts on the place. My wife and I had always heard good things about living there and we were thinking of maybe wanting to get stationed there for awhile. SF dude was like, it’s one Read more

Full disclosure, I own several firearms and think views like yours are why we have a “gun problem” in this country. We need better gun control. Period.  Read more

I swear ta god, white women. If y’all don’t stop your bullshit, I’m going to lose it. You gave us Donald Trump, you gave us unnecessary calls to the police (looking at you BBQ Becky), and now you’re literally giving us fucking diseases. Stop. Just stop. Read more

I saw a Navy Times article today about tax season and the comments on it were pure bliss. Filled with conservative military members and their families complaining about how they voted Trump and are paying more in taxes this year than they ever had. It’s actually not funny at all, because these people were swindled. Read more

Thanks for the tip. Super helpful. I, like many other local Oahu swimmers will continue our tradition of sticking to the areas where the big ones don’t regularly hang out. Read more

Well now that you’re back and safe, I can tell you that Kaneohe Bay is home to some massive freeking tiger sharks. The bay is well known amongst locals as where the fatties with teeth like to hang out. My coworker was just fishing in the bay last week and saw a 14 footer. He also saw a 15 to 16 footer in that same Read more

Started listening to a Handmaid’s Tale podcast called Blessed Be The Fruit Salad. Normally I find podcasts about popular tv shows obnoxious and poorly done. This one however, is lovely. The women that run the show take a critical look at the way The Handmaid’s Tale has appropriated the black slavery history in Read more

I have been saying it for years, ticks will bring America down. We have fucked so badly with our predator/prey ratio, that this scenario was inevitable. Chronic lyme is no fucking joke and the lone star tick is just starting its plague. Fuck humans. We fucking deserve this. Read more

Fuck off. Sansa has become my favorite. Bow, you fool. Read more

I have family in this part of Iowa. That section of my family we call, “the corn fuckers,” if that gives you any idea of the people of that area of Iowa. My family is all from rural Wisco and Iowa and they are all pretty conservative, but people that live in King’s district are not allowed to call themselves Read more

Any show that name drops Father John Misty, is elevating whiteness as a storytelling element. The episodes that shined this season on Master of None, were the ones that didn’t show Aziz doing douchey Williamsburg bullshit with douchey Williamsburg assholes. Read more

I watched all of season 1 and liked it. It was a little cheese dick but it entertained me. I watched the first episode of season 2 and was like nope. It was so cheesy and over top weird. I seriously cringed for the first 2o minutes. I tried! I tried!!! Read more

Oh snap son, you just got your ass handed to you. Read more

He drown in the bowl of hollandaise sauce that he was eating. Read more

I saw him in person while he was filming at Grand Canyon National Park a few years ago. I was working there and he was filming a segment about how the UN owned the park. He made up a story about how rangers told him he had to leave. Shocking that it wasn’t true. I believe it was 2011? That would have put him at about Read more

My sister was joking with her. She knew that the next time we spoke, she would spill the beans. She just wanted to have fun with her daughter and make a fake big deal about it. We are a very comedic family like that. Read more

I highly recommend following the US Fish and Wildlife Service Tumblr. They talk about this very subject a lot. It’s fucking sad as hell, but they do such good work that’s it’s amazing to read about. They just posted something on the piles and piles of plastic garbage that wash up on the remote Pacific islands. The Read more

My four year old niece recently lost my dog that my sister is taking care of while we get settled into our new overseas home. It’s ok guys, they found him, but he was missing for a few hours. When they got my sweet guy back, my sister told my niece, ok, we can’t tell auntie that we lost her dog. She would get really Read more

As a fat person, I think it’s totally ok to make fun of THIS asshole fat person. Fat shame away, people. Read more

I gotta say, I am reallllllllllllllllly over these clueless white women and their ability to produce clueless white women shows and movies. Looking at you, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, etc, etc, etc. Read more