Aug 7

Just cast Jared Padalecki as Michael and Jensen Ackles as KITT. Bing, bang, boom, see you next Tuesday. 

Jul 17

And the effects still work, to boot. Most times once you see the monsters out in the light they immediately fall apart.

Jun 29

Like offensive tweets from the past that have recently been unearthed?

Jan 15 2020

I realized during that barbershop scene that they were going to kill Phil’s dad - it was just so obviously a passing-of-the-torch moment - but that final memorial scene still felt abrupt and the message unearned. In the early seasons there’s that arc where Luke befriends the grumpy old neighbor man. He passes away and Read more

Jan 15 2020

Pete Davidson? Are we legally allowed to talk about him in public?

Jan 11 2020

Very sad - another great Canadian musician person falls victim to brain cancer. RIP Neil Peart.  #FuckCancer

Jan 10 2020

Jordan Schlansky is a huge fan. One of my favorite Conan remotes.

Dec 14 2019

I’m a firm believer that it’s okay for some things to just be books. I think this falls in that category.

Dec 24 2018

I seriously felt like Kevin Spacey was going to leap off my computer screen and come at me with a knife. 

Jul 23 2016

I thought it looked cool but wondered why they didn’t have the Hulk wearing it?? Then I remembered that the Hulk is not real and I am not smart.

Jul 1 2016

The interesting thing is that, unlike the Bond films, race actually plays a huge, explicit role in the Gunslinger books. I’m interested to see how they address it; hopefully they don’t just drop that aspect completely.