Bearded Bastard
Dec 30 2017

Never even heard of it. What happened to a through d mail?

Nov 10 2017

Stop typing now, you’re making too much sense! Can’t you see you’re ruining the witch hunting party? Read more

Apr 19 2017

I dunno, but I first learned of it from this mind-blowing Kitty Pryde gif

Apr 19 2017

Actionable based on what? Citation needed on all of your claims. Because as far as I know you are not liable for ‘purposefully’ destroying anything on your property.
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Mar 15 2017

Oh dear... now I won’t be able to NOT see the Wolverine mask when looking at the limo. Good catch!

Feb 20 2017

Yeah, being actively hostile like the writer doesn’t seem like a viable solution either. It seems like it’s so much goddamn work to put on the asshole front, that it basically becomes who he is. Sounds pretty wretched to me.

Sep 19 2016

I was gonna school you on that, but got lost in a Google search for “all butt action.”

Sep 8 2016

Mawfuckers here writing about Star Wars drones on a near-weekly basis and y’all are sensitive over a phone. Lol.

Aug 29 2016

He’ll be right up there with Clebold and Harris as one of the greatest shooters in Columbine history.

Aug 10 2016

Ford does not yell, Ford types loudly enough so everyone can hear. That way we all learn from each other’s mistakes

Aug 10 2016

Officer at the scene found the vehicle occupants to be Team Instinct. They were given a warning and forced to swear allegiance to Mystic.

Aug 10 2016

“august 9th, 2016, we were out in our helicopter this evening, we hit up some sweet lures, and took back control of several gyms in the area, when we came upon an oddly meandering vehicle, we alerted the local ground troops, and moved on to the next gym

Jul 28 2016

I can’t believe how many of you are all wound up about how a pickup truck looks. Yeah, pickup trucks, style icons of the automotive industry. Hey, your cousin called, she wants to go on a date with you.