Bakkster, touring car driver
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It was eventually banned in the 2014 rules, requiring a 4-stroke reciprocating piston engine. Up until then, it was allowed in WSC, LMP900, LMP675, LMP1, and LMP2 for at least most of that period.

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The point of the statement was to push for increased capital and technological investment, instead of short term profits. The idea being that it’s in everyone’s interest to reduce dividends by 1% in order to fund capital improvements and research which will increase the company’s value by 20% over the next decade. Read more

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I think standardization just means more efficient spending, especially for smaller teams. Things like crash structures are expensive to design and relatively cheap to build, for instance. Read more

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Standardized parts, not entire cars. Some are serious performance differentiators now (brakes, transmission internals), some are just one less location for tricky fancy expensive aero (Halo, wheel rims, crash structures), and others no fan reasonably notices the difference between cars (pedals, nuts, fuel pump, DRS Read more

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The two most common suggestions I’ve seen include increasing the height of the SAFER barriers, and improving the catch fencing (IMS, for instance, has significantly more cables to prevent cars getting caught and hooked on the fencing, like Wickens). Read more

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I’ll add that F1 didn’t really design and implement Halo after Bianchi. It’s something they started working on at the beginning of the decade in response to the Massa spring incident and the death of Henry Surtees in F2 when he was struck by a loose wheel. They started working on head protection, then kinda stopped. Read more

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I actually think F3 is too fast. The series says the problem for women’s representation in racing is not enough girls advancing from karts into F4. To me, that says they should be running F4 cars with younger drivers to provide that needed leg up. Not F3 where some drivers are too inexperienced to make that jump, or Read more

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But they’re not ahead. Even competing in two championships, Ford has won basically as many races as Corvette in one.,Aand Corvette has multiple championships in the years of the Ford program, while Ford has only a single manufacturer IMSA title.

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Meanwhile, the Kessel Racing all-female lineup finished second last weekend in the ELMS season opener. They fended off third place despite having a deflating tire.

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Read the indictment, and know what the Truth In Lending Act is. Even if you wanted to revoke TILA (and why the hell would you?), at the time Scott’s companies made those loans, it was law of the land and he violated it. Read more

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Most of Tucker’s wins were against less competition. He was similarly mid-pack most of his years racing GT cars, but once he started throwing tens of millions at LMP2 where he was listed as driver as half the cars in class, he couldn’t help but at least be on the podium. Read more

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Bad news if you're flying sketchy airlines from countries without strong regulations. Not so bad if you're flying domestic in the states.