Police Officer: HANDS UP!
Ohio State Fan: [makes "o"]
Ohio State Fan: [makes "h"]
Ohio State Fan: [makes "i"]
Police Officer: [uses entire can of spray]

You're* welcome. Douche nozzle.

love how the husband/boyfriend/father/brother/boss just grabs it after the catch, laying claim to it, after cowering like a little girl.

You really gave 110% with this comment...

Why? No one has fucked Tebow 1.0 yet.

That's what I thought it was before I realized it was a pig taking a shit.

Master Sterling is what he wishes his players would call him.

Yeah, I feel like the Heat don't get it - unless their owner's been dropping N-bombs or something. Then, yeah, maybe hiding the logo's all good there.

The Heat never turn down a 'look at me' moment

So they...don't want to play for the Heat?

Is it weird that I feel like this is as powerful as re-tweeting someone and calling it activism?

At first, I was surprised by how incredibly level-headed she was through all of this. Then I realized how often she's had to touch his naked body and figured she's probably mastered the art of burying her emotions.

A highly improbable victory coming out of nowhere that has viewers wondering whether the fix was in? Perhaps a better comparison is Manchester United's 3-0 comeback win today.

You've shamed yourself with this post.