Kind of like Ma Duggar with babies 5 through 19, huh? Read more

How sick are we as a society if my main takeaway from your post is "60 lbs.?? I'll have me some stones, please." I jest. My sister-in-law who has 3 children, 2 born w/o painkillers, and had a 1 kidney stone, has assured me that the kids were way easier to pass. She didn't pass the stone in the end. She had it lasered, Read more

Jobs would hate the technology required to get through to him; the Art Nouveau alone would have brought on hysterics:

There are so many things in life I've never experienced. Like filing a complaint with the FCC. My solution to "I don't want to see that" is turning off TV or changing the channel. If I am in a room with those who do want to see that, I leave the room. Why bring the federal govt. into it? And while I paid little to no Read more

I can offer my back yard. It will piss off our dog, but greater good & all that. I'll start laying in frozen pizza in 2020. We have a chest freezer. Plus a sofa bed and daughter's room. Just did some math: husband and I will be Old in 2022, so we'll need assurance that teams will keep it down. Read more

Remember when the WSJ was long form, serious journalism with no color and no photography? While it's readers were always rich white guys, at least they were rich white guys who could string together sentences and applied logic to their statements? TEAM ROCKEFELLER!! Not really, but sometimes I feel nostalgic for Reps Read more

This was today? I thought it was tomorrow. I bought a new dress. Shit. Read more