Austin Bugden
Mar 17 2016

I do like the updated look of the crew in the upcoming movie. But this (so far) has been the high-water mark for Starfleet uniforms, in my opinion:

Oct 6 2015

I think we should maybe worry about making this planet habitable first.

Oct 1 2015

Please stop equating religion and science, no matter how well meaning you’re being about it. There’s no “belief” in the religious sense in science, and it only feeds into the religious anti-science crap to imply there is. Read more

Mar 7 2015

Otters are giant aquatic weasels? Oh Dear, Look what scientific peguinism opened up.

Sep 9 2014

I feel like a broken record always posting this as an answer to these various "which movie/story/book did X?" questions, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it:

Aug 26 2014

I live in St. John's. No mean feat to fly a kite on Signal Hill but I'm sure that task was delegated, especially in December. That said I loved the kite work of Marconi and Alexander Graham Bell.

Aug 26 2014

Yah my dad had CB's when I was growing up... If the skip was rolling, I could listen and talk to people in other countries and time zones.

Aug 26 2014

The technical term I heard as a kid was "skip". Enabled me to listen to Deutsche Welle in the U.S. on my homemade vacuum tube regenerative short wave receiver. ;) Read more

Feb 11 2014

Suzuki says. "People think obesity is a bad thing, but maybe it's not a bad thing in terms of human evolution and natural populations. It could be a good thing if you live in a cold place and need more fat to survive." Read more

Nov 12 2013

First, respect to STS-51-L . I can't imagine someone viewing it even today without emotion.