Nov 24 2019

Oh man I love this so much. It’s like a HotWheels fever dream. I literally guffawed at the picture of the rear end. It’s so silly. Like, dual-triple exhausts, who would even? Read more

Nov 24 2019

My mom special ordered a 1992 with a manual transmission but in late '91 an end of year sales event got us into this XLT Sport model. I was so stoked on the body kit and stripes. Legit this was like winning the lottery for me.

Nov 20 2019

Or for people who just want a smaller, cheaper car!

Nov 20 2019

I agree but only exception in my book is the Cayenne Coupe.  Not a bad looking SUV and overall better looking than the normal Cayenne.

Nov 7 2019

Nah, using Mustang design language as sport cues is good. Using Raptor design cues to denote ruggedness on other models is also good. Ford’s general design language is meh at best. Using actual good design language in their stable is good. Read more

Oct 24 2019

I think the CF front support/brace is the reason for that... it’s carried over from the GT350 and is the reason it didn’t get the refresh either.

Oct 24 2019

How much slower than stock will the Hennessy version be despite claims of 1000hp? 

Oct 22 2019

Let’s be honest, the people that want this car and are willing to pay the premium for this car are the same people that will need the special financing to afford it. Read more