Guys is selling a pair of shorts and everyone here is going nuts. What a bunch of haters. 

The Virus is not going anywhere. Hospitals are open, grocery stores are open, restaurants are open, gas stations are open. It matters very little if the entire country goes back to work. I am with Musk, they should be allow to restart their factories just like the rest of the auto industry. You all key warriors are Read more

I agree that people have to go about their lives. Those that want what to stay isolated should do it. Most people are going to be fine facing the virus, those with weak immune systems and the elderly should definitely be protected. At the end of the day we have a terrible President who play down the virus until things Read more

it’s the closest I’ll ever get to a Ford GT90

No doubt it’s just a clay model.

That might be the exact same picture that inspired that Concept.

The fact that the Model S is still relevant and performing at the same pace as the brand new Porsche goes to show you that Tesla is still the leading car company when it comes to all electric cars. If it was my money I would buy the Porsche on a heartbeat because it looks 100x better. You can’t however deny the fact Read more

Genius! having two charging plugs “circles” in the front of the car. I assume this facilitates charging the batts.

What’s bovine - A Millennial 

When the Cybertruck was struck with the hammer is sounded like it was made out of a can of sardines. I think compared to today’s trucks, the Cybertruck is nothing but a cheap can of sardines.

Anyone familiar with Baja knows that this things happen. 

My uncle had one. As a kid, I imagined that flying on a plane would be similar to how smooth my uncle’s vsn was on the road. Now that I have taken a few trips, the van was actually smoother. 

Tesla I am let you finish but Ford did it first. 

The 2001 Eclipse was my first car. For a 17 year old it was a fun car . Most unreliable car I ever owned though.

I think the cybertruck looks like this because it’s made out of stainless steel which is hard to sculpture? Orherwise I don’t know why it’s so odd looking.

I am a let you finish but ‘Mero did it first.

No one is forcing to you read it. 

It is if Ford is making Mustang it’s own separate brand. 

You are right, the SLR was no Supercar, it was a Hypercar. Sure it wasn’t your typical Mid Engine supercar with F1 Transmission and sleep looks. If you think about it, the SLR was the Bugatti Veyron of the 2000's.