We watched the guy shrug off an arrow to the heart, and barely blink after getting tossed by a speeding car. Read more

I don’t think he’s meant to be that Wilson Fisk though, not the one from the Netflix show.

He rips the door off a car. Throws people around like rag dolls. Shakes off an arrow to the heart and being blasted through a window by a fucking car.

That’s not the down to earth, emotionally torn up, rage monster from the Read more

as for jack being a good guy or bad guy? the answer is yes. (his character waffled back and forth in the comics)

And let’s be clear about who she framed: Her own, apparently innocent fiance. Once Kate learned that he was truly just a nice guy who loved her mother and wanted to be a good stepdad, her mother’s betrayal might even feel worse than knowing her mother was responsible for Armand’s death. Read more

That’s the one! It redirects to Clint Barton’s Mosquito Shooting Range on, where you can donate to fund mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria. Read more

Kingpin has a history of preferring to beat his former employees to death. While he does hire assassins a lot, he has regularly killed people with his bare hands to make a point, especially when it comes to people who have failed him or try to get one over on him.
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Florence Pugh can have “chemistry” with a rolled up newspaper. You put her in a room with someone of Hailee Steinfeld’s talent and it’s all but assured. Read more

I mean, Yelana is not a stupid person. No way she didn’t figure that sacrifice out in the first place. And no way Yelana couldn’t kill Clint if she wanted to—a sniper rifle at 1000 yards is pretty quick and avoids all the hand to hand messiness.

No, whether she said it out loud or not, she wanted a reason not to take Read more

I agree with the lack of discretion criticism, but Eleanor is presumably a valuable and high-ranking operative (hence needing a personal touch - MCU Kingpin is sentimental compared to the comics). It’s also possible, given her daughter and choice of fiancé, that she’s a dangerous combatant who an ordinary goon Read more

Clint’s smile when she was telling him how much he inspired her was the most wholesome moment in the whole season (by which I mean full holiday season, not just season one of this show). People take the piss out of him a bit at times, but Renner can do a lot with a little in terms of acting and the way he sold that Read more

I understand where you’re coming from, though we don’t see eye to eye on that particular issue. Which is fair. We don’t have to fully agree there. Read more

Assuming this isn’t the exact same character from the Netflix shows my take is that this is Fisk when he’s still building up his power base. Even the way he dressed was different than the precise almost OCD way he dressed in the Netflix shows. Him deciding to take out Eleanor himself was about sending a message that Read more

The end of the penultimate episode had me worried there was too much to resolve in one episode. I was surprised, however, that the finale dropped its ball the least of the Disney+ series. Some of the narratives could’ve benefited from an extra episode or two, but the quick pacing was preferable to a Netflix

I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t immediately happen - Yelena just makes herself at home at the Bishop house while Kate is at the farm and greets a surprised Kate with “Hello Roommate” upon return. Read more

Is no one going to bring up the amazing conversation between Jack and the little brat??

“Remember when you peed in your pants in the Hamptons? I do. Everybody does...” Read more

So, uh, anybody else curious to see how Val’s follow-up with Yelena goes? Read more

In the comics Maya shot him in the head and he survive so they can use that storyline
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BvS used coincidence and delivered it by clumsy “accident”. Read more

Second best elevator scene in all of the MCU. Read more

I enjoyed Hawkeye a lot - Jeremy Renner had originally signed for a solo movie but they did this show instead and I’m glad they did. It brought a lot more to Clint’s character and Kate was a phenomenal addition. And compared to the other Marvel shows, I think it hit the sweet spot in terms of “telling a new story” and Read more