Anna Jane Grossman
Mar 26 2014

I don't think a muzzle is necessary all the time. But it is a good idea for dog to learn to be comfortable wearing one, just in case. Times when you might be glad your dog is not scared of wearing a muzzle: Read more

Dec 16 2013

Nope. I trained him to touch it with his nose. We do sometimes use peanut butter to introduce new dogs to the concept of touching a screen w/ their nose, but Amos is an old pro at this point.

Dec 5 2013

Here is our student Latka using the Manners Minder to work on learning to go to his crate.

Jun 18 2013

Hi! Thanks for reading. This is an off-shoot of TheDogs (, which is three years young. I dig cuteness, but I try to temper it with a degree of pith. Or something.