8/05/19 7:01PM

Thoughts and prayers for Senator McConnell.  I hope they aid him as much as they aid anyone else he and his GOP cronies offer them to.

6/18/19 3:26PM

I live in his district.  To say it's full of self-serving racist morons would be putting things VERY mildly...

1/19/19 6:46PM

Eff you, Trump. You created this mess, you don’t get to kick the can down the road under the guise of a ‘compromise’. Read more

12/02/18 4:46PM

I had a boyfriend whose family named their last dog D.O.G. (dey-oh-jhey), so I feel you on this one.

11/12/18 12:15AM

Amazon worker here. *raises hand* I actually work the shift that loads up the Flex drivers. Basically, it’s Uber and Lyft drivers who freelance as Amazon delivery people. They come in every day starting at around 11AM, load up, then have a certain number of hours to deliver packages on the route they get. It’s Read more

11/12/18 12:10AM

I was just about to comment with this.  If that’s how she shows ‘regard’ for someone, I’d hate to see how she shows contempt.  Yikes.

11/09/18 6:54PM

RBG indirectly reminded me just how much of a POS my family is. Yesterday morning, news of her being hospitalized crossed Faux Noise while Dad was watching. He took the time to rant to my mom (and fellow Faux Noise viewer) about how ‘WORTHLESS’ RBG is because of her criticisms of Brett Kavanaugh. Read more

8/23/18 7:07PM

I’m glad you’re safe, though I’m sorry for your loss.  Keep taking care of yourself, and fuck that guy for what he did.

8/23/18 1:38PM

I wrote this elsewhere, but when I wrote to him about taking better care of our veterans (my boyfriend is a Navy vet who has been homeless in the past), I got a reply that basically justified gutting the VA system further.  And oh yeah, something about giving vets commercial drivers licenses so they can be truckers.  Read more

8/23/18 1:35PM

Anybody who thinks Duncan Hunter cares one bit for the military and combat vets beyond enriching himself is kidding themselves. My boyfriend is a Navy veteran, and has spent time as a homeless vet in the past (over a year in El Paso). I wrote to Hunter to ask him to please use his experiences as a veteran to help look Read more

7/05/18 11:33PM

What number are we at for co-signers now?  Well, however high it is, add me to the list.