Angela Serratore
1/12/15 2:30PM

This is brilliant. I love history and I love this history. Also, the Fugitive Slave Act. Many of my friends talk about going back in time, I just shake my head. I'm a black woman who speaks her mind, why the fuck would I go back in time?

11/11/14 3:36PM

Look up Natalie Clifford Barney if you want someone totally fascinating. She ran a salon that rivaled Gertrude Steins, and famously seduced some of the most beautiful courtesans of the time. I always thought she would make a wonderful comic book or graphic novel.

11/11/14 3:19PM

Well, I have many thoughts after reading this, not the last of which is that I really want "She had the indelicate readiness of a common harlot" engraved on my tombstone. Short of enough room, "She was some piece of ass!" will do. #SlutsRule

11/11/14 2:54PM

I love these tidbits about fascinating people from the way back. Between you and Gawker, you've been putting out quite a few of these, and I'm lovin' it. Keep 'em coming, please.

11/11/14 2:49PM

I have How To Marry An English Lord! It's a fantastic book, and I'm thrilled that both it and Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth got a callout on Jezebel on the same day. Anglophiles unite!