Angela Serratore
11/11/14 4:24PM

Bits and pieces are available in some collected volumes of Shaw, but her actual stuff is tricky to find because the papers she wrote for didn't last. Someone should put out a collection, though!

11/11/14 4:23PM

Thank you! And yes—of all the ladies on my to-write-about list, she's near the top in terms of ones I'd like to dish with.

11/11/14 4:21PM

Yeah, this is such a tough one. On the one hand, as someone without a title being pursued by a Lord, how much agency she had can definitely be looked at with some skepticism. On the other, she seemed pretty eager for the marriage to take place, even against the advice of her father. Marriage in the 19th century was Read more

11/11/14 4:13PM

Thank you! My Grandpa feels the same way so between the two of you I'll wait here until it's time for the Oscars.