6/04/21 11:18AM

You are flat out lying, and the way I know that is that none of the “studies” you say are out there actually exist. If they did, you would provide the links to them directly instead of acting like a QAnon psycho and telling us to “do our Google research.” Read more

6/03/21 8:54PM

Ok I guess.

I posted this light-hearted clip from a British sketch show as a joke because Homeopathy is a joke and I’m not about to begin to take it seriously.

Once that profession starts proving their stuff works by evaluating their products to the same standards are modern medicine (i.e. peer research, scientific Read more

6/03/21 7:37PM

non- allopathic medicine, is anything not recognized by medical science as being effective and or safe, either for the thing that it is being used for or at all. Hydroxychloroquine is a great example of a drug that works for one thing (Malaria) and doesn’t work for another (CoVid-19), while Laetrile is a great example Read more

6/03/21 7:00PM

Every once in awhile, the internet comes through. At least as of now, a day after this article was posted, no one has starred his idiotic comment. 

6/03/21 2:57PM

That’s akin to saying “It works only on Monday and Wednesday afternoon, but it works”. Read more

6/03/21 1:31PM

I worked in medical research and we took a paid study from a herbal medicine company to pay the bills. Then we found out they wanted us to bust open their capsules (taken orally) containing herbs and olive oil, expose healthy normal donor blood to their concoction, then measure the anti-inflammatory properties of Read more

6/03/21 1:22PM

If your “medicine” can’t repeatedly perform better than placebo in clinical trials, it’s not medicine. Making health claims and charging someone for such a “medicine” is by indeed quackery.

6/03/21 11:46AM

I will say, when I fucked my back up as a teenager on a hammock (if you spin around on it really fast it will throw you into the hard ground with enough force to knock the wind out of you...and apparently put your spine into an S shape), the chiropractor was what fixed that...but afterwards, they insisted I keep Read more

6/03/21 11:00AM

Are you one of those people with a Doctorate in Homeopathy from the prestigious institution of Mail Order University?

6/03/21 10:35AM

sounds like a snake oil salesman is in the house.  

6/03/21 9:38AM

You may obtain results from homeopathy, but that’s not because “it works.” To suggest that something is medically effective, you have to show that its effectiveness exceeds that of a placebo. In the case of homeopathy, its effectiveness is identical to the placebo - thus, by definition, it does not work. The placebo Read more

6/02/21 10:14PM

I’m genuinely surprised the company actually bothered to put any belladonna in the water in the first place.

6/02/21 7:22PM

It is amazing what the power of ONE MOLECULE can have!! /s <— naturally!

5/20/21 10:49PM

Holy shit my existence is so insignificant.