A. Random Asshole
7:07 AM

The privileged as fuck reply: budget your time better and admit that avoiding an ER trip means an extra ten minutes chopping but maybe if those ungrateful shitheads got off their asses and helped you could all eat faster. Read more

7:27 PM

MASH. I had a part-time job at a nursing home a bit ago and I ’d hear the theme song coming from at least five different rooms no matter where I was. Thankfully the break room was faaaar away from all the patient rooms so it didn’t reach there.

1:01 AM

John Carpenter was probably why those connections are there but not referenced by Ridley Scott or Dan O’Bannon. Alien is a scarier remake of Carpenter and O’Bannon’s student film Dark Star. Same plot but a comedic take since literally all they could afford for the monster was a damn beach ball. All in all it’s not Read more

12:11 AM

Maybe if she was two scoops’ mom he could fucking dress himself properly.  He's such a fucking slovenly toad.

11:04 PM

My wife tried to bake me brownies for our anniversary last year and she left out the salt and added about 4x the appropriate amount of baking soda. Read more

9:36 PM

I love both Bernie and Warren’s platforms but I'd prefer they don't join up because one needs to stay in congress to actually write the bills to put the platform into practice.

2:53 PM

If they’re still calling themselves republicans then they don’t get to say shit.  Fuck ‘em.  Either leave the nazi party or shut the fuck up, those are the options.

10:20 PM

I got carpal tunnel just reading about some of these nutty-ass concoctions.  I think it's more about the fact that if people go to a coffee place, they want it fast and the stunt drinks hold things up waaaaayyyyy too long.

12:33 AM

When you say not good results, can you be more specific about what wasn't right about the final dish?  I could see it being the heat if you're trying to get the rice crispy, but if it just tastes bad it's probably something else gone wrong.

9:47 PM

Not so much a recipe, but I have an idea for a recurring column that any of you could do at some point. Every once in a while I come across a dish, technique, or other thing that’s wildly outside my comfort zone cooking-wise, and I try it out. Last time I did this was a few weeks ago when the Jacques Pepin Debones a Read more

9:34 PM

Cook it for a minute or two less than you do now.  Pork can be done medium well unlike most other animals with white meat, and leaving a bit of pink in the middle should help the texture.