Eyeball In My AcidMartini
Aug 4

It’s been an eventful year, to say the least. My marriage has ended, I now live in a spacious basement apartment at

Dec 30 2017

Wonkette on Erica Garner, Shalon Irving, and how we are killing Black women every day.

Dec 5 2017
I Blame You, Rooo

Thanks to Rooo introducing me to a certain Ed Sheeran video, I developed a kinda confusing crush on him. This live

Nov 1 2017

...where the veil is thin. I’ve been quiet, I know - I’ve lost many in the past eighteen months.

Aug 18 2017
10 actually write much about the past few weeks, but suffice to say it’s been rough. The sudden death of more

May 31 2017

Emmer, you wanted good things, maybe this is one? I’m honestly not sure, but I can’t stop laughing. Either way, wine

May 11 2017

There’s a HUGE difference between being a clueless teenager and being a shitty young adult who uses racist bullshit

Apr 27 2017

In a depressingly not-surprising turn of events, Coachella attendees have been spotted wearing Native American