As a fellow 05 TL 6-MT A-spec owner, I feel your pain. I’ve put in quite a bit of effort over the years to keep the car nice (owned since 2006 @ 20k miles). It’s always a bummer when something breaks thru no fault of your own. Read more

RC has been a passion of mine since I was a kid in the 80's. Here is my 2007 spec Tamiya touring car chassis (called the TRF415 MSXX Marc Rheinard Edition lol):

We use that one around the office on a minimum twice-daily basis. Read more

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“What’s a beautiful girl like you, doing racing in a place like this?”

Yes the primary wires are insulated (probably a requirement near a zoo)....but you can also tell they are de-energized. Note the skinny grounding straps between each of the phases. The line crews put these in place on de-energized lines to create an instant fault should any of the phases accidentally become hot. The Read more

I think it would have to read VLDMORT

Also....WTF is the deal with all the LMP1's being red, white & black? I guess sponsors don’t pay enought to stand out anymore.


After watching that, i expected to get a phone call saying I only had “7 days”!!!

And here it is with the wasted space removed AND lowered.

Here, I removed all the wasted space between the windows & the floor. Looks more “normal” now:

Here, I fixed it. All you have to do is chop about 3+ inches out of the belt-line and it doesn’t look so bloated. Why does everyone want so much “interior volume”? It’s all wasted space above your head anyways!

Here’s my 89 CRX Si in the middle of a more in-depth engine-bay cleanup process...

How new is “new”? My 94 Civic is the super easy to work on. A complete turn-key drivetrain swap (from the driveshafts to shifter) can be back on the road shortly after lunch. And you can still use your AC.

I think gearsets are a series of compromises and it definitely would depend on the gears given in a specific car and even the weight. My 05 TL 6-speed manual is geared to 205mph from the factory to make it more fuel efficient and comfortable. My 97 Integra Type R 5-speed manual is geared to only 157 to make it more Read more

This article completely ignores the effects of gearing (including tire diameter) on torque. A motor with twice the rpm and horsepower, but less torque, can easily recover the lost torque to the road by using shorter gearing. This is how little 1.8L Hondas could hang with 5L mustangs (yes yes I know about the weight).

Re Read more

OMG HSV-010GT FTW! Nothing sounds as sweet as that 8-4-2-1 Exhaust system.... I would swap that into my Civic!

In Nevada, you can get the “Classic Rod” plate at 20 yrs old. That’s the only rule. You can even skip emissions if you keep it under 5000 miles annually. I have this on my 94 Civic. lol!

^That’s not an Si. A CX or VX yes, but not an Si. Not to say the Si was a better car....it was actually very heavy (weighed as much as the sedan). I prefer the CX personally cause it had the least amount of BS. That is if you are interested in motor swaps & tuning. In stock form, I think the VX was the most special Read more