8:45 AM

Note to the seller: make sure the check clears before final signing the title. Banks usually ask a lot of questions when the check is signed in crayon.  And anyone offering anything close to the asking price is bat poop crazy.

12:15 PM

Two Days Into F1 And Mercedes Has A New Part That Definitely Looks Illegal Is Outside the Ideas of the Rule Makers and Will Therefore Probably be Banned Irregardless of its Actual Legality Read more

8:37 AM

Whoever built this truck made an awesome lie. The body style looks great and it’s nicely exectued. But with the 4-banger engine and no 4WD, the lift kit and off-road tires are a waste. Should have lowered it and put on some fat street meats. And then put a turbocharger kit on it. This thing is cool, but way Read more

8:47 AM

I had to toss up on this one too.  At the end of the day, I went with NP just because finding one this nice and un-riced is getting harder, so upvote for a nice survivor.  I bet if you were a really serious buyer you could knock the seller down a bit.  With an asking price like this, there’s a good chance the seller Read more

1:48 PM

This is a full suit in the trunk of a Suzuki Cappuccino.  If this doesn’t sound impressive, you haven’t seen a Suzuki Cappuccino in the flesh.  

8:25 PM

To be fair, you do get a lot of truck for your money since those other trucks start at 2WD with 4-cylinder engines. A Gladiator S starts with a V6 and 4WD and $33K is right in line with other mid-size trucks with the same configuration. Read more

12:32 PM

For a midsize truck that is high. Most mid-sizers start around $10K less. To be fair, you do get a lot of truck for your money since those other trucks start at 2WD with 4-cylinder engines. A Gladiator S starts with a V6 and 4WD and $33K is right in line with other mid-size trucks with the same configuration. Read more

7:49 PM

5th and 6th are a taller ratio in the AT.  I think Toyota publishes the ratios in the sales brochure.  I’ve seen them and 5th and 6th are a big jump from 4th.  It’s almost like there should be another gear between 5th and 6th.  It’s intentional though: part of how Toyota bumped the fuel economy numbers.  Really Read more

8:44 AM

I bought a truck as a DD specifically for towing. The auto sucked at it. Also, both of my Tacomas were V6s and 4WD. The older Tacoma was a crew cab though and the TRD Sport is an Access cab, but those are the major differences. If you’re getting a manual you don’t really gain a lot going for the TRD Off-Road. I prefer Read more

8:38 AM

I’d argue the AT is way overgeared. 70 MPH on the highway, completely unladen, and any incline whatsoever made the ‘17 Tacoma I traded in downshift to 4th...and stay there. The AT gearing is fine if you’re doing 55 on a dead flat road, but in the real world 5th and 6th are way too tall. I’ve been getting about 2 MPG Read more

8:22 PM

My last daily was a 2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad. It was an auto. I hated every single one of the 65,000 miles I put on that truck before I traded it in. That auto is awful in every way. 5th and 6th are way too tall and the shift calibrations could have been done better by someone watching their very first HPA video. The Read more

8:06 PM

Toyota.  This truck has always been without that sticker.

12:33 PM

I did! Picked up a 2020 Tacoma TRD Sport in November. V6, 4WD, and the 6-speed manual. I’m seriously considering lowering it and making it an X-Runner knockoff...

8:52 AM

I want to like this car. I LOVE 1st gen CRVs (I had a 1997 in college and it was a great little ute). But man this is way overpriced. It also has the wrong engine. The B20 is the worst choice for boost as it has very thin liners. Couple that with the added rev range from the VTEC head and you’ve got a ticking time Read more

6:14 PM

First gen is cooler. More ground clearance, better looks, nearly all the same cool features, plus you can get parts from ARB and OME.  And with no lift they look really cool, and are quite capable with some 215-75/15 BFGs underneath.  How do I know?  Well...

12:02 PM

Not sure if you’ve looked at what’s on the market right now, but that EXACTLY describes the vast majority of new cars for sale today. Does the owner of a -insert CUV here- care about the top speed of their family hauler? Or the 0-60 time? Or the g-forces it pulls? Or how the feedback on threshold braking? No. They Read more

3:13 PM

That’s a good question.  Drag strips, race tracks, and autocross events all exist, but people still street race.  While it would help, I get the impression the type of people who do street burnouts and drift attempts are doing it because they want to look rebellious.  There’s also a bullying aspect to it to: ruin Read more