It’s funny to me that one of the cruelest moments of the episode, to me, was how shitty Kendall was that Naomi’s gift wasn’t good enough when she was clearly self-conscious about it. Then I come here and the reviewer mentions three times how upset she is that NAOMI could be so thoughtless. It came up more times than Read more

Turned back into a mannequin. Read more

There is one issue I had with the plot. So, a Sontaran is captured and from observing him Mary figures out their sleep cycles. The Doctor then says that the sleep cycles are because they have to go into their ships to recharge their suits and that gives her the plan. Read more

Honestly, up until that episode I assumed that Wayne Enterprises was defunct (or at least off doing its own thing somewhere) and Kate/Luke had been doing some sort of conservatorship over the Wayne Estate not an actively functioning business. Read more

So, like, schlubby people driving compact cars slowly through regular streets to their jobs where they don’t commit crimes or go to space?
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We should award points for above average films and deduct for below average. For me: Read more

Damn poor man’s Albert Finney has got some strong opinions
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I saw this last week and was waiting to comment.

I think Rosita got bit.

I still have to finished TWD World Beyond from technically this week and watch next week’s. I can’t wait till that show is over. I watch for continuity reasons but I don’t really like it.

Thank goodness it’s only 2 seasons. Read more

Yeah there’s a biggish name actress coming to the show, according to the press releases, so maybe there’s yet another train or who knows. Read more

‘Bounty hunter’? You mean ‘freelance peacekeeping agent’. Read more

It wasn’t C- bad. I actually made it through this on my couch in a single sitting - and I can’t do that with most tv shows. It has some really fun Groundhog Day delights, some pretty neat gore, and it’s nice to see Senor Chang in anything. Read more

Legit disappointed that the helicopter didn’t say “THANOS” on the side. Read more

The first episode was the fifties, the second episode was the sixties. Was this not obvious? Read more

(Seriously though, I rewatched Enterprise to try and give it the benefit of the doubt and it was excruciating.)

I’ve seen temporal wars you wouldn’t believe. A future man who was both Archer and Not Archer until you observed him and the wave function collapsed. I watched a nerdy guy in a hose outfit from the future die several times but end up ok unless that was him at an earlier point in the timeline. I remember some Female Read more

I dunno about that. If you’ve ever met someone who regularly bartends at weddings, etc., they tend to have the same type of blasé attitude that she has without being stuck in a time loop (maybe because going to all those weddings, etc., feel like a hellish time loop).
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Also, it has a lovely Scott Bakula cameo, which is nice. Read more

There are subtle hints that Rios may be a synth himself. His ship the Ibn Majid was stricken from the record, he has a little keepsake box like Soji did, Dahj and Soji were sent out to find the true answer to the ban so if he is a synth than his friendship with Raffi could be explained by trying to get to the bottom Read more

Hey I get the internet is the place where fan rage is cool, but I can’t be the only one who is enjoying this show and enjoyed this episode considerably, can I? Read more