Stephanie won’t necessarily be evil... but her people will be the evilest ever-doers who ever did do evil. Read more

British people do not pronounce asinine as “arse-a-nine”. Romulans might, but British people don’t.   Read more

The Face-Off remake has found it’s stars! Read more

It this some sort of metaphor? Read more

I blame you for this, Bad Boys for Life. Read more

I could correct you and say it’s only actually 5 Avatar sequels and, sadly, not even be joking. Read more

I found Joe Tandberg as Iorek way more jarring than the Scoresby casting. He didn’t sound particularly bear like. I was a bit underwhelmed. Read more

Way back in the comments for Episode 1 is said I thought Siddiq recognised Dante’s mouth from under a Whisperer’s mask (go look it up).  I then discounted the suggestion for being f*****g stupid. Read more

You’re correct, of course, but at same time hats off to the production for putting a tone of background daemons in the Gyptian ceremony scene.  Read more

Fun fact about 2), they filmed the ending and cut it quite late. So late that it remained as the ending cut scene of the video game. Read more

So, Dante. I did for a split second think that Siddiq was fixating on his mouth because he’d just recognised it, like maybe he just realised he’d seen it before under a skin mask - i.e. Dante was a whisperer sent to infiltrate the Alexandria (a medical person would be more readily taken in). Then I decided that was Read more

Joking aside, it’s going to be Ryan Reynolds and someone. Ryan will get to emote and prove he can act all serious and someone who thinks their career would benefit from jumping around and gurning like a loon for 90 mins will play the other guy. My money’s on Chris Evans.  Read more

Controversial opinion; This and Ms Marvel should be movies not TV shows. Read more

Sounds like James Gunn’s got firm ideas of what he wants from Vol 3. If Thor’s not part of them I could see him being written out in the opening scene as a gag or something.
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I’ll go for a wild card... Read more

Reminding everyone again murdery Banana Splits are fine for Warner Bros. but gay Snaglepuss got a whole line of comics cancelled. Read more

I’ve wondered this. Glad I’m not missing something. Read more

Emilia Clarke had to try and convey complex emotions while spending days/ weeks on her own strapped to a green hobby horse in an entirely green room. I think this season she definitely graduates from ‘decent’. Read more