Oct 23

I hope the Nats win it all just for the Bryce Harper memes.

Oct 21

“I’m going to look hard in the next couple of days but we’ve got the guys in the locker room to get it fixed.” - Carson Wentz, consulting with trainers after falling for the “Cialis in the water bottle” trick once again. 

Oct 20

And the one true asshole on the team was saddled with the loss today.

Oct 20

We want to extend a nation-wide heartfelt gratitude to Houston and D.C. for saving us from a Fall Classic befouled by the Yankees and Cardinals. The Yankee team is stocked with actually decent men, save for the petulant and perfidious Sanchez. For one example, Judge is not only a great player but seems like an Read more

Oct 17

Ken is a true legend in the brewing world. I have always wanted to take the brewing science program at UC Davis that he has been a big part of and endowed $2Million to.  You should make brewer interviews a regular series Kate!

Oct 11

Joe Musgrove, Colin Moran, Michael Feliz, and Jason Martin. Fucking kill me now. The Snyders and Dolans of the world may get their (deserved) fair amount of shit, but for my money you can lump Bob Nutting right there with ‘em. World class dingus.

Oct 9

I came just for this^^^

Oct 9

“the real staircases that are available nearby 95% of the time” <- not in my experience. 

Sep 24

Where do you go that asks “every few minutes”? Usually once the food comes, the server might come by and ask how it is, and then 30 minutes later ask about refills and a check. I’ve never had a server constantly hound me like that.

Sep 24

Is this guy building a ship in a bottle or trying to comprehend the plot of Mullholand Drive at his table or something? What are you doing that is so intrinsically focused that a server checking in is shattering your peace? You’re in a different culture, if we come to your country we would be seen as rude Americans if Read more

Sep 13 2019

Which ZR-1 are you referring to? The 1990 had 375, then bumped up to 405 in later years, even the C3 versions had more than 325.

Sep 13 2019

Yeah...scuse me while I pull this million dollars out my ass and snag a real one: Read more

Sep 13 2019

Buahuahahah!! You guys saying this isn’t a real “replica” is pretty hilarious!

“OMG! That fake Rolex only ‘resembles’ the fake Rolex’s you can get for $200. Why spend $20 for a replica that merely replicates an approximation of a replica! Pony up the $200 for a *real* fake that fakes being the real thing!” Read more

Sep 13 2019

come on CP’rs, have you priced out any kind of Cobra replica ever? This thing is about as close to giveaway as you’d ever want. Oh I see, it’s not an “authentic” copy of an AC copy? Read more

Sep 12 2019

I like long movies. I have no problem sitting for a movie that’s over two hours. They’re still shorter than they had been back in the day with the intermissions.

Sep 12 2019

I’m pretty sure all GT500 are silhouette cars since they all run a 2.0T 4 cylinder with a carbon tub chassis.

Sep 12 2019

I appreciate the date stamp. Much better than just re posting the pictures from the ad you bought it from 14 years ago.

Sep 12 2019

My guess was that a similarly conditioned, non-rusty SI would be $10k plus, making this an OK alternative, but then I don’t actually know anything about that market

Sep 10 2019

I know it’s really easy to be snarky and leaf a witty response about how this probably wont work, and how Tesla is notorious for making over complicated things that break. Yeah yeah yeah, you’re not wrong.

I thought we were car people.. Dont we like weird cars, even if they’re flawed? No, we like weird cars because th Read more