Jan 13 2020

someday i’m gonna get one of these, panel off the rear seats back and paint a LoTR motif on the side

it just feels correct

Sep 26 2019

i’m just a little worried about thermal shock here

Aug 28 2019

It’s a tough call, but.. NP.

I’m not worried about the paint—I’d be getting it wrapped almost immediately. And at 115k on the clock, this isn’t a garage queen. This is a car you can have fun in, not one that you’d be worrying about seeing the milage grow and the resale value drop.

My only concern is when the exhaust Read more

Feb 6 2019

The best part of FC5 was FC3 being available as DLC. 

Jan 10 2019

Let me have OoT, MM, Windwaker, TP, Skyward Sword (so many elements in SSBU). Give me a bunch of Zelda games on a physical cart, like you did with Gamecube. Please. I’ll buy it over and over and over again.

Jan 1 2019

what is this vehicle that i absolutely need in my life?

Nov 5 2018

not a must, but i do like how shiny it is. i also like the self-sealing valve and progress bar for pre-heat/cook time. 

plus, birthday present for myself! it’s ok to be extra with those. 

Nov 2 2018

It’s just two of us and a dog. Technically I’m going overboard with the 6 quart.

Nov 2 2018

Kind of a big deal, the 6qt Ultra is down to $119 on Amazon right now. i’ve had an eye on these for a while, and this is the biggest price drop since this summer, when it was down to $99. It’s also eligible for free next day if you’re a prime member.

I’ve got one ordered (I’ve been on the fence for a long time), but I Read more

Oct 25 2018

i found the burner key to my old account! 

Jun 7 2017

Crush up a ton of chips and use them to “salt” the rim of a stemless bordeaux glass, then fill it with onion dip and enjoy the entire thing alone on the couch under a Slanket while you marathon Always Sunny and ironically judge them for the decisions they make

edit: that puffy bubble chip in the header is my new best Read more

May 25 2017

I refuse to sign in to my other burner account so that Carl may live on.

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May 19 2017

i do not like the name of that bottle