Dec 7

Methinks you speak from experience on this issue. Is this how Rooo does weekends?

Dec 5

I have a certificate in French Pastry from a now defunct local culinary school and can confirm that pre-made puff is ‘close enough’ and making it yourself is not worth the time. A nice brioche, sure. Macaron? All day long. Gougere? Totally. But I never make my own puff.

Nov 7

And who says MCU movies are the only thing people watch these days!

Nov 7

I am so glad that you are in the treasonous minority and the majority of decent, patriotic people in this country are going to put you and your discount bin fuhrer in their proper place. Read more

Nov 7

Anybody talking about “likability” in the context of an actual white supremacist can log right off, personally

Nov 6

Yeah but unlike loot boxes of today, you could always ask the employee for a different happy meal toy till you got the one you wanted or just asked for the one you wanted... Read more

Nov 6

This is actually very cool. I grew up with all these (born in 87) so it’s like a nostalgia barrage of my entire life. I still remember getting most of these toys and how it felt.
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