11:59 AM

Immigrant cars doing the work that American cars refuse to do.

11:52 AM

As much as Ford and Chevy would like to believe otherwise, for utilitarian cars they’re still plagued with quality issues you don’t see in Japanese cars. I don’t get it. It’s almost as if they were run by a mindless board that only wants to maximize profit for as long as they can while under-investing in R&D and Read more

1:45 PM

I would add, educate family and friends on how to be in your car. As a younger millennial, most of my friends have never been in a car of the same vintage as my truck.

10:11 AM

I don’t know the details of Ghosn’s case, but I will say this: Japan has a 99.9% conviction rate. Their justice system has flaws that I can’t quite support. When he says it’s a rigged justice system, he’s not wrong. Getting a fair trial, by American standards at least, is impossible in Japan. Read more

10:10 AM

1st gear: I hope when the eventual film of this is made, they get Rowan Atkinson to play Ghosn.

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8:12 AM

I initially wanted to NP this but a flood title in a heavily electronic car is usually a no go zone. It would be a great price if it had a clean title. Gonna CP this one.

8:23 AM

At 15k I don't think he's marked up nearly enough to get mod money back, looks to be way more sunk into it. I'd also want a very thorough inspection done, but from what I see I think it's a NP.

8:08 AM

This is borderline. With that many modifications, I’d want a very in-depth and professional inspection by someone I trust. And even then, I’d probably say “nah” and find something else. Read more

11:49 AM

I always throw my used car batteries in the ocean.  I’ve never had an electric car, but I thought the process was the same.

11:33 AM

Hmm, I typically just burn my old batteries in my wood stove, to keep warm (I don’t like to burn wood, as I hear it’s a contributor to poor air quality). But this guy could be on to something. I will trying burning an EV battery in my garage and report back.

8:43 AM

Ugh a review that went about the task in a serious manner. AV Club and I09 went about this in much funnier way. Or the NYT -

8:12 AM

When are we going to stop pretending that shitbox econo cars from the 80's are somehow loved and missed? The reason it only has 17k on it is because they are TERRIBLE FUCKING CARS and the original owner quickly realized it. 7k? There’s no way.

8:15 AM

There’s too much after market tomfoolery here to justify that asking price. It looks like a Z car humped a Superbird while a Diablo stood in the corner with its hands in its pants. I do think it would look a hell of a lot better with either a subtle rear spoiler or no rear spoiler at all. CP. 

8:13 AM

$35 Large for this abomination? The tail lights aren’t the only thing smoking in this deal. This owner has ruined what was a good looking sports car in the 60s. And he tops it off with Mickey Thompson valve covers and a grotesque wing.  CP.

10:32 AM

Every Christmas day, all our relatives would have a baked Pasta and a meat: lasagna and turkey, ziti and ham, etc. Our family did these crespelle mancotti and a beef roast. I have inherited these duties. Your Crespelle ratios of water to flour to eggs is the same as ours. I use a little sweet pork sausage in my sauce