Dec 29

Depends on who you ask. Just like Sea of Japan vs. East Sea of Korea, North Macedonia vs. Republic of Macedonia, etc. FWIW, the U.S. government has called it the Arabian Gulf for many decades. 

Dec 13

The second question strikes me as a very rare request—extensively upgrading an old vehicle just for now-normal features. I’d think most folks are either keeping their personal “Eleanor” on the road and willing to spare no expense on exotic upgrades, or they’re like me and simply take pride in keeping a perfectly Read more

Dec 9

Agree all except the cop magnet part. The tint looks legal and it’s not dinged up or pimped out. Compared to all the crapped-out Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Caravans and 5th owner Corollas that are the wheels of the “poors” in a lot of places, I bet this is relatively stealthy. Plus, in the really old money towns, driving Read more

Dec 6

Good luck with that. The dogs will smell this much crack before it’s even south of Hamilton.

Nov 29

Some of us are the exact opposite—I run blazing hot, always. If I didn’t have to occasionally defrost the windshield, I couldn’t care less if my car has a heater core. On my older cars, the temperature slider stayed at the far left, and on my newer cars the climate control never leaves “LO”. And we’re talking Read more

Nov 19

I’m certain license plates will be an anachronism in most our lifetimes. Self-driving or not, can’t be long before every vehicle has some kind of unique electronic identifier akin to RFID or IFF.

Nov 19

Ditto anti-helmet law folks. I don’t want to care that you’re warming up in the organ donor bullpen, but once it impacts everyones’ premiums you can GFY.

Nov 12

Neutral: Came sooooo close to buying a new Sentra SE-R in ’93. Ended up going for an Integra LS coupe instead and never regretted it. The Nissan felt *slightly* more tossable, but not worth a premium over the Acura. IIRC, the stickers were roughly the same, but Nissan dealers wouldn’t budge while Acura was happy to Read more

Nov 12

“LIQUID MOLLY” instead of “LIQUI MOLY” in the ad has to be the absolutely crack-pipiest typo ever!

Nov 5

Or, to put a really fine point on it, he’s technically not even the legal owner (the Montana LLC is as part of the scam). Good luck ever getting it registered in Cali. He’s really asking you to pay him $5250 and the Montana title mill $500 so that they essentially reassign their “company car.”

Nov 5

I gotta say I’ve seen plenty of Montana plates on exotics, including Bugattis. But this is the first I’ve ever seen it on a CP POS. Read more

Oct 31

True, but those are meticulously hand-built vehicles that customers are paying vast sums for and expect precision. OTOH, there’s a reason the LFA and Carolla or NSX and Civic have similar levels of quality and reliability, and you generally won’t find it Europe.

Oct 29

From the discussion yesterday, I installed the AutoplayStopper extension for Chrome (believe there’s a FF version too). Works like a charm!

Oct 28

Chrome on macOS. As another commenter suggested, the AutoplayStopper extension appears to work really well.