Bernie Sanders is an Independent, not a Democrat. Read more

It’s past time to stop calling everything Democrats find politically inconvenient “misinformation.” It’s exactly as ridiculous as the Trump-world’s “Fake News.” Everyone saying things you don’t like isn’t a malicious liar or a foreign agent. See, e.g., a certain very real laptop and a likewise not-so-real Russian Read more

Induction is the future. The most energy efficient, hugely powerful, doesn’t heat up the house, cools off fast, easy to clean. People still have weird ideas about needing a new high-amp electric connection (most kitchens set up for an electric range of any kind have what you need) and cast iron cookware (works great, Read more

These are the kind of specs (if true) that might get me into an EV. I assume the people minimizing the importance of range are city dwellers who don’t take road trips? I take just a few business road trips per year, but a typical one might be 200+ miles each way, and I much prefer returning at the end of the day when Read more

Ventilation apparently does nothing to help reduce levels of NO2, the gas that causes respiratory problems. It’s also been found gas appliances leach NO2 into the air even when they’re not running. Read more

Yes, you have to use pans with a ferrous (iron-based) bottom with induction. Most good stainless steel and of course all cast iron cookware works. We haven’t used aluminum cookware in decades, so when we got our induction stove literally everything worked. Heats lightning fast, great pinpoint control; cools fast when Read more

While it’s clearly true current battery technology is still well behind fossil fuel in energy density, 50% is not a fair estimation of an electric motor’s efficiency, which is closer to 90%. “Physics” doesn’t make electric air travel impossible; it just requires batteries a lot better than what we have today. Read more

Came for the “I’m a great supporter of civil liberties and the 1st Amendment, but Poopie Head Assange maybe hurt Hillary Clinton’s shitty campaign .000001% by publishing some of her actual evil, politically slimy email messages so let’s throw journalists and whistleblowers in prison and also remember the laughable Read more

The cognitive dissonance in the replies is hilarious. Instant acceptance of an unheard-of, completely off-label use of a cheap, existing drug for COVID treatment, just plopped down alongside all the spastic “horse dewormer” trash about Ivermectin, which if anything is proving more successful in studies Read more

(Late submission last year, cleaned up a bit. I apologize if it falls into the “long” category, but no effusive descriptions I promise): Read more

Speaking of morons, here’s some at a medical journal who have found Ivermectin effective against COVID. Check it out if you ever get tired of getting your medical information from Facebook: Read more

It rests on a super silly conceit that the legal action is being taken “against the property,” not the the person. It’s straight-up motivated by the fact the law enforcement agencies keep the money, and most people can’t afford to fight it. Read more

I liked it. The comic and subversive elements (America collaborates with Nazi scientists and slaughters inconvenient South Americans; ruthless law enforcement gets hit with a golf club) were a breath of fresh air and right for the times. Especially for DC, which gets hemmed in by its dependence on Super Jesus and Angr Read more

Pretty sure Gunn has said Bill was the inspiration for his iteration of Weasel (Aaaack!) Read more

Tesla has about 1 million pre-orders for the Cybertruck, so no, it’s not going to be a flop if it ever actually gets made. Read more

1. Texting. I’ve seen people doing 70 almost lose it, then *continue* with both thumbs, staring down at their lap. No doubt typing “lol almost there.” Read more

He or she is pretty snippy for someone who’s wrong. Read more

Have to admire the grim determination to cast everything in a “Tesla’s juuuust about to go down” framework for ... what is it now, 10 years straight? Read more

It’s a running joke in our house “If only the dogs could communicate their wants and needs ...” while they’re basically yelling them at us in their own way.
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There may be another possibility re: the “missing” car. Based on a brief experience working with a used-car speciality company we’ll car MarKax, salespeople sometimes “hide” a car when they think they have it sold, but the customer has run out of time to hold it. They’re hoping the customer will come back and don’t Read more