Nov 17 2014

Stop bitching because you live in a red state that has a low cost of living and great outdoors. :-)

Aug 13 2014

Actually, considering how easy and quick a new account is made, reporting would have been quite ineffective.

Aug 13 2014

I agree. It's difficult to know what the inner workings of the Gawker offices are like, but considering who the person in charge of all this is I'm not surprised at all that the editors had to give the company a decent sized shiner to get them to pay attention to bad behavior in the comments. Read more

Feb 4 2014

lol i hope the 5 gizmodo users that own a Chromebook and bought enough periferals to pick a favourite, are online within the next 12 hours before this article disappears into archive territory.

Jan 8 2014

I think the writers at Gizmodo should be required to have an engineering background before writing stories like this.

Jan 6 2014

C'mon, give the guy a break. It's the first time he's ever seen a script.

Oct 31 2011

Do you often get stopped at your mailbox by police asking to check your ID before you get your mail? It's never happened to me. I also don't grab my wallet before heading out to the mailbox.